Dextro Energy
Liquid Gel Lemon + Caffeine 60ml
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Dextro Energy
Liquid Gel Lemon + Caffeine 60ml
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  • Description

    Dextro Energy Liquid Gel Lemon + Caffeine 60ml

    Dextro Energy Liquid Gel consists of a combination of rapidly available carbohydrates. Easy and quick to use due to its liquid consistency. Fits anywhere, convenient for on the go.
    during_2Fits in anywhere, practical for on the go. A fast and effective source of energy, liquid consistency makes it quick and easy to use.

    Here’s how DEXTRO ENERGY Liquid Gel works
    Rapid absorption into the bloodstream thanks to “trisource” carbohydrates – a combination of dextrose, fructose and maltodextrin. The liquid consistency of the Liquid Gel is easily absorbed by the body particularly during extreme physical exertion/sport and quickly meets any requirements during energy peaks. The gel also contains caffeine which has a stimulating effect on fat metabolism, increases concentration and banishes any feeling of tiredness.


    The liquid consistency makes it easy to drink whilst the easily digestible carbohydrate combination ensures good tolerance.


    The Liquid Gel can also be consumed in small doses as the handy sachet is easily reclosable thanks to a screw cap. It is pleasant to drink as it is more fluid than a gel and this prevents stickiness in the mouth – particularly during extreme physical exertion.

    • TASTE

    Invigorating taste
    DEXTRO ENERGY Liquid Gel is available in the following refreshing varieties:

    • Orange - also contains a vitamin B complex
    • 1 portion contains 60 ml
    • 1 pack every 20-45 minutes to speed up energy absorption even further, it is recommended you also drink sufficient water
    • Orange, per 60ml: 482 kJ (113kcal) 0g Protein 28.1g Carbohydrates 23.5g of it sugars 0g Fat
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    good energy and tasty
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