Chambre à air Tour 28 all A40
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Chambre à air Tour 28 all A40
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  • Description

    Continental Chambre à air Tour 28 all A40

    Puncture proof tube for city, trekking or cross bikes.

    Reliable companion for for everyday cycling: Tour 28 all by Conti

    Continental‘s standard Tour tube for City-, Touring- and Trekking bikes offers the best balance between rolling resistance and puncture prevention and masters the demands of everyday life effortlessly. The Tour 28 All with Schrader valve fits on 28“ bikes.

    Product Features - Continental Tour 28 All A40 Schlauch

    • Use: Trekking/Crossbike
    • Dimensions: 28 x 1,5 to 28 x 1,75
    • ETRTO: 32-622 to 47-622
    • Valve: AV
    • Valve Length: 40mm


    • black


    • approx 170g

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Continental Tour 28 all S42 Tube


    The ContiTube bicycle tube program
    The ContiTube bicycle tube program makes it easier for you to find the ideal tube for your cycling demands. The user-friendly tube system is suitable for any size, length, design, type of valve and perfect for any tire dimension and riding occasion. Varying tube types can affect your tires’ handling characteristics:

    • The Standard tube (in the categories Race, Tour and MTB), available in all dimensions is the best choice for everyday cycling.
    • Light & Supersonic varieties give racers the option of lower rotating weight, therefore increasing speed. The lightweight tubes have a lower thickness and so it is imperative that inflation pressures are maintained to prevent the risk of pinch flats.
    • For worry free cycling, the Hermetic Plus tube is recommended. Its improved formula is lighter and more compact, which renders it very puncture resistant in the presence of higher butyl amounts and greater wall thickness. Since it retains air longer, it’s a favourite among bicycle rental agencies.
    • The Freeride and Downhill tubes are especially strong and bulky. Their extra wall thickness effectively protects against punctures.
    UPC: 051342065691
  • Évaluations
    Very good. I used it with 28" tire and worked.
    Einfach gut zu montieren gewesen. A++
    The best online shop for bicycle parts in Europe , superb service, highest quality and genuine products , flawless packaging and fast shipping. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
    Top Produkt !!! zum TOP preis
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