TL-LD 270 G
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TL-LD 270 G
10,95 €
PPC* 17,99 €
Vous économisez 39%
19% TVA plus 3,95 € frais d'expédition
couleur: schwarz
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N° d'article: YY00001022
  • Description

    Cateye TL-LD 270 G Eclairages arrière conforme StvZO

    This sleek light comes with either a red or white LED that mounts to your handlebar or seatpost, so people can see you coming and going.


    • Up to 65 hours of run time
    • Runs on 2 N size batteries
    • Flex-Tight mounting bracket
    • battery indicator
    • including batteries
    No flashing mode: The lamp meets the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) and has no flashing mode.
  • Évaluations
    Würde ich sofort wieder kaufen!
    Hallo ! Bei starken Regen dringt anscheinend Feuchtigkeit ein und der Schaltknopf reagiert nicht mehr richtig (ein- und ausschalten ) sonst sehr gut !
    The German version of the tail lights has only one mode: lightning. There is no flashing mode. Other EU country version of the same product might differ within this option. In everyday use to work and home on a 1 hour ride the battery last 4 month. The battery is very expensive. It is worth to buy a new complete light then battery. Needs 2 pieces of LR1 battery. If you looking for Varta, 1 pc cost 2,5 - 2,9 EUR, so two of them round the 50% of the complete light with battery included. After long searching I found a set of 2 pcs made by GP for 3,3 EUR. The overall quality is good, it is detachable from the bracket, you won't lost it on a bumpy roads...
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