Shamal Mille Wheelset
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Shamal Mille Wheelset
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  • Description

    Campagnolo Shamal Mille Wheelset

    The gold standard of Campagnolo‘s performance aluminum racing wheels is called Shamal. The stealth version of this performance wheelset goes by the name of Shamal Mille and its sophisticated surface treatment does not only give this wheelset its sleek and elegant dark look but also represents a significant performance advantage.

    Top performance set for rim brakes: the Campagnolo Shamal Mille wheels

    This treatment permits surefooted and strong braking power, above and beyond that of normal aluminium rims, in both wet and dry conditions. New is a C17 rim that ensures a better rim/tire interface and thus improved performance espescially when using 25 and 28mm tires. The already elegant wheelset gets a facelift in the form of black anodized nipples, to complete its understated dark look 100%. The Shamal MilleTM is sure to turn heads of both the competition on race day as well as those next to you at the stoplight.

    Features - Shamal Mille Wheelset

    • Plasma electrolytic oxidation: offers an elegant finish and enhances braking power and modularity
    • Toroidal milling: reduces the peripheral weight of the rim – makes the wheel extremely reactive.
    • Spiral groove on the braking track: reduces braking distance while maintaining silent braking
    • Differentiated rim height front (24-27mm) and rear (27-30mm): Optimized rim dimensions to improve weight and stiffness
    • Momag: allows the external profile of the rim to be free of holes
    • Aero spokes in aluminum: maximum aerodynamic penetration - lower weight and greater reactivity.
    • Differentiated spokes: 16 radial spokes for the front, 21 spokes for the rear, doubled on the right and exclusive Mega-G3TM spokes to reduce vibration, increase stiffness and transmission of power to the wheel.
    • Black self-locking nipples: black Oxidation Finishing self-locking aluminum nipples outside the rim. Allows easy maintenance and less truing over the wheel lifetime.
    • Spokes anti-rotation system: it keeps the spokes in a position of maximum aerodynamics.
    • Ceramic USB bearings with differentiated diameters: 28 mm for the front, 30 mm for the rear. Less friction, less weight, greater smoothness and the same performance over time.
    • Carbon fibre hub body: high degree of lateral stiffness – reduces the weight to the minimum.
    • Aluminum axle: low weight, high stiffness.
    • Oversized flange: increases the torsional stiffness, improving reactivity at each change of pace.

    Product features

    • Use: Road
    • Model: Shamal Mille
    • Rim Type: Clincher
    • Tubeless ready: No
    • Wheel size: 28"
    • Rim Size: 622x17C
    • Brake Type: Rim brake
    • Hub edge:
      • front 100mm QR
      • rear 130mm QR
    • Bearings: Cup-and-cone bearing system
    • Rim Height:
      • Front 24-27mm
      • Rear 27-30mm
    • Rim Width: 22mm
    • Diameter valve hole: SV (6.5mm)
    • Spokes: Front 16 radial / rear 21 Mega-G3

    Freehub compatibility (choose variant)

    • Shimano HG 8/9/10/11-speed
    • Campagnolo 9/10/11/12-speed


    • Rim: Aluminum
    • Hub body: Aluminum / carbon
    • Spokes: Aluminum
    • Nipples: Aluminum
    • Bearings: USB-ceramic


    • Black / dark label


    • 1459g pair (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Campagnolo Shamal Mille wheelset
    • 2 x Pair brake pads
    • 2 x Quick releases
    • 1 x User manual



    What is MoMag?
    A technology that offers several advantages to the structural integrity of the wheel as well as eliminating the need for rim tape. The name derives from “Mounting Magnet” system, shortened to MoMag™.
    How does it work?
    The nipples, once inserted inside the rim via the valve hole, are “guided” to the point of connection with the spoke by means of the magnet. This simple but ingenious system makes it possible to have a wheel without holes on the upper bridge, but with spokes tensioned by traditional nipples!
    No holes on the rim means that the rim is uniform at every point, free from stress points or zones of weakness and, for the clincher profiles no rim tape is required, to the benefit of weight reduction. The advantages are immediately clear: greater rim lifetime, greater resistance to fatigue, the possibility to give the spokes greater tension, and greater stiffness which, in terms of performance, mean greater reactivity and acceleration. But that’s not all. The advantages also include extremely quick and simple maintenance and spoke replacement. All to the benefit of cyclists who choose Campagnolo.

    Perfectly smooth surfaces and lower friction to reduce loss of power are the most interesting features. Add on the reduced weight and resistance to corrosion and you will understand why we can give you the best thanks to USB™. All your power will be transferred onto the road.
    Campagnolo has a long-standing reputation for the extremely high performance of its hubs in terms of smoothness and reliability. In fact, all the projects are entirely developed in our R&D department Campy Tech Lab™ and we have put obsessive care into taking care of every detail.
    The hubs with USB™ ceramic bearings (Ultra Smooth Bearings) further enhance the wheels' smoothness and reduce weight and the need for maintenance. Comparative tests have shown that USB™ bearings are 50% smoother than standard bearings. Now improving your performance during the race or simply going for a ride with your friends will be easier.

    G3™ -Geometry
    Campagnolo® has developed an assembly architecture which, compared with a traditional wheel, makes it possible to improve energy transfer, reduce the stress on the spokes on the right and increase transverse rigidity.This is achieved because in G3™ geometry the right-hand side of the rear wheel is fitted with twice as many spokes as the left. The results of G3™ system are truly extraordinary: better transfer of the driving torque, better lateral rigidity, reduction of the stress in the rear wheel spokes. And thanks to the G3™ system that compensates for the forces acting on the 2 sides of the wheel, there are no more wheel vibrations, even for heavier people.


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