Battery Powertube 625 Horizontal
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Battery Powertube 625 Horizontal
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  • Description

    Bosch Battery Powertube 625 Horizontal

    The new PowerTube 625 from Bosch lets you enjoy long and mountainous rides, while still reserving plenty of energy for every adventure. Thanks to a rated capacity of 17.4 Ah and approx. 625 Wh energy content, the lithium-ion battery brings maximum ranges and altitudes within your grasp.

    More range for your adventures: the Bosch Battery Powertube 625 Horizontal

    The lithium-ion battery, which can be fully integrated into the bicycle frame, opens up new possibilities for bicycle manufacturers thanks to its compact dimensions and minimalist design. The battery is not visible and is also perfectly protected by the frame. The battery clicks out of the frame about 2 cm when unlocked via a comfort function and can thus be gripped better. Recesses on the top side are suitable for attaching bottle holders or design covers.

    The well-secured PowerTube 625 will not fall out of its housing, even on demanding terrain. But is still easily removed. After approx. 3.7 hours, the battery is fully charged with the 6 A Fast Charger, while half the charge is already attained after approx. 1.4 hours.

    Features - PowerTube 625

    • Horizontal installation variant, rechargeable battery that can be integrated into the bicycle frame
    • At 3.5kg, it is only marginally larger than the PowerPack 500
    • Convenient and safe insertion and removal
    • High mileage and long service life thanks to integrated battery management system
    • No memory effect and no self-discharge
    • Compatible with DualBattery

    Product features

    • Mounting type: Frame battery integrated
    • Mounting variant: Horizontal
    • Voltage (V): 36 V
    • Capacity (Ah): 17.4 Ah
    • Energy content (Wh): 625 Wh
    • Charging cycles: 500 - 600
    • Dimensions: 416 x 84 x 65 mm


    Calculate here the range for your next eBike tour.


    • black


    • 3.5 kg (manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery 

    • 1 x Powertube frame battery 500 Horizontal
    • 1 x Transport packaging
    • 1 x Instruction manual


    Charge times and service life - Refill your energy tank in no time
    A charge cycle refers to the full recharging of a battery in a single charging session or several partial charging sessions. The charging time depends on the capacity of the battery and of the charger: with the Standard Charger, the PowerPack 500 and PowerTube 500 require approx. two hours for half a charge, and 4.5 hours to fully charge. Charging with the Fast Charger is quicker, with only 1 hour needed to half-charge the PowerTube 500 and PowerPack 500 – the perfect solution when on the road – and only three hours to fully recharge these battery packs. The service life of Bosch rechargeable batteries is influenced mainly by the type and duration of use. Like every lithium-ion battery, a Bosch rechargeable battery also ages over time, even if you do not use it.

    Factors that shorten the service life:
    • Heavy use
    • Storage above 30°C ambient temperature
    • Long-term storage fully charged or fully drained
    • Parking the eBike in direct sunlight
    Factors that have a positive impact on service life:
    • Minimal use
    • Storage at a temperature between 0 and 20°C
    • Storage at approx. 30 to 60% charge status
    • Parking the eBike in the shade or a cool location

    eBike-Neuheiten 2020 von Bosch

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