Panoma L.E. - Trekking Helmet
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Panoma L.E. - Trekking Helmet
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couleur: darksilver-titianium
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N° d'article: 10067147
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  • Description

    Alpina Panoma L.E. - Trekking Helmet

    The Panoma L.E. is the loyal companion for daily rides in the city and bike tours at the weekend. The classic bicycle helmet is perfectly ventilated by 23 vents. With its great design and the Alpina technologies used, it provides optimal protection.

    Features - Panoma L.E.

    • Ceramic shell
    • Shield Protect
    • HI-EPS
    • Inmold Tec
    • Ergomatic
    • Y-Clip
    • Run System Ergo Pro
    • Fly Net


    That's the name for the outer shell of all ALPINA helmets featuring INMOLD manufacturing technology. This thin and light-weight material is extremely break- and scratch-resistant, UV-stable and antistatic.

    The detachable shield protects against dirt splash as well as direct sunlight.

    The inner shell of all INMOLD helmets is made of HI-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrene). It consists of a multitude of microscopic air pockets that absorb the forces occurring in an impact. In addition, HI-EPS absorbs neither water nor sweat.

    Inmold helmets are produced by foaming the inner shell underneath the outer shell under high pressure and heat. Thanks to the complete bonding between the upper and lower shells INMOLD helmets are extremely sturdy and very light. In addition, they offer clearly more safety than spot-bonded helmets.

    Tried and tested countless times, this is the buckle used in all Alpina cycle helmets. It features a red push button and multi-step automatic adjustment. It can be used one-handed, so for example you can loosen the strap when riding uphill and tighten it again for the descent, and it will not open in the event of a crash.

    A helmet can only provide proper protection if it stays securely in place in the event of an impact. The fastening that joins the two straps under the ear is critical to this. Alpina‘s Y-Clip system guarantees a perfect fit down to the last millimetre, all in a matter of seconds.

    The top model of the new Alpina Adaptation Systems for the rear head has left and right of the central newly designed two large "headrests". Both, the wing-shaped cushion as well as the adjusting wheel itself, are made of a two component mix containing synthetic material and rubber. Since 2014, the Run System Ergo Pro is available in matching colors to the helmet.

    For protection against insect bites, the front holes of some models are lined with a net.

  • Equipement


    Fabricant: Alpina
    Homme/femme/unisexe: Unisex
    Application: Bike
    Couleur: darksilver-titianium
  • Évaluations
    Habe den Helm für meinen Vater gekauft, der mit 60 jahren sicher nicht den sportlichsten Fahrstil hat. Auf meine Nachfrage hat er sich sehr positiv geäußert. Sitzt sehr gut und ist sehr leicht. Ist ihm auch schon ein paar mal auf den Asphalt gefallen ohne nenneswerte Spuren. das spricht für die robuste Schale. Toppi!
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