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Debido a la situación actual y a nuestras medidas para proteger a nuestros empleados puede tardar 3-5 días laborables (12-18 días laborables para las bicicletas) antes de que su pedido salga de nuestro almacén. Les pedimos que se abstengan de hacer pedidos excesivos de diferentes tamaños del mismo artículo para poder elegir entre ellos, ya que los pedidos de este tipo no pueden ser procesados por el momento. ¡Gracias por su comprensión! Haremos todo lo posible para enviar su pedido lo antes posible. ¡Buena salud para todos!
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E-bikes for children

There’s no good reason why e-bike action should be reserved for adults. Kids have lots of fun with the electrical support, too. And children's e-bikes offer much more advantages. Little cyclists can ride longer distances and just as fast as the adult family members. Furthermore, headwinds and climbs lose their terror.
The e-bikes for children are equipped with the same e-bike technology as the bikes for adults. However, integrating the battery and drive into a small frame represents a much bigger challenge. But where there's a will, there's a way: bicycle engineers have managed to solve this problem and to turn children’s e-bikes into small powerful machines which perfectly support the little riders. This way, there’s nothing to stop kids from enjoying the same e-bike experience and comfort as adults.

E-Bike Kids

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