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Every rider deserves professional equipment

SHIMANO offers a wide range of shoes for various purposes. Specific soles are developed for each shoe model in order to optimize the respective riding style in the best possible way. The competition shoes are equipped with extremely stiff soles and stabilizing insoles for professional racers who seek maximum power transmission. SHIMANO also offers shoes with more flexible soles and padded insoles that improve walking comfort for relaxed off-road tours. Find out more about SHIMANO's shoe technologies here.
An overview of Shimano's different pedal systems can be found here.

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SHIMANO Cycling Shoes - the best fit for your feet

SHIMANO footwear is developed using our unique understanding of how the foot interfaces with the shoe and the pedal to optimize comfort and maximize power transfer for smooth and efficient pedaling. Our footwear is System Engineered to function seamlessly with our SHIMANO SPD and SPD-SL pedal platforms to optimize rider performance, efficiency, and comfort for every type of rider and ride.

Anatomically Designed

All SHIMANO footwear closures are anatomically designed to reduce pressure and tension on the highest points of the foot. By wrapping the foot securely, and in a uniform method, comfort is improved and added power transmission created.

Asymmetrisches Riemendesign


Shimano Off Set Straps Unlike conventional closures, SHIMANO’s anatomically precise Offset Straps relieve tension at the highest point of the foot, where pressure tends to be greatest.

The BOA® Powerzone Guide

Powerzone is easy to adjust to a preferred forefoot fit preference. A tighter fit is available by looping the wire around the hook as shown.

Optimized for Performance

SHIMANO shoes are developed based on a unique understanding of how the foot works with the shoe and pedal. The goal is optimal comfort and maximum power transmission for smooth and efficient pedaling.



low profile reverse buckle icon Low profile reverse buckles hold the foot securely while reducing aerodynamic drag on Road footwear, and decreasing the chance of hitting obstacles on Off-Road footwear.


BOA Logo
Boa® Fit System offers infinite adjustment for a glove-like fit with on-the-fly one-handed adjustments and convenient fast release.

Bespoke fit for your feet

SHIMANO’s CUSTOM-FIT heat-moldable insoles revolutionized cycling footwear. They feature an ergonomic, heat-moldable EVA with a rigid, highdensity PE support structure and customizable arch inserts to provide instant support, comfort, and stability.

Shimano Formwerkzeug Custom-Fit insole molding Tool

The CUSTOM-FIT insole molding tool maintains the shape of heatmoldable insoles. Providing precise plantar shape for more power, comfort, and support.

Shimano Custom-Fit-Innensohle

(1) Snug-fitting Heel Cup
Snug and stable, this newly designed heel cup serves to cradle your heel and keep it reliably in place.

(2) Anti-slip Top Surface
Keeps your feet securely positioned and supported for pedaling efficiency.

(3) Heat-moldable EVA Layer
Allows you to create insoles that fit the unique shape of your feet.

(4) Heat-moldable High-density PE with deeper Heel Cup
Provides excellent rigidity, stability and support.

(5) Mid-low Arch Pad
The first of two modular arch pad options, designed to support average-to-low arches.

(6) High-mid Arch Pad
Our second modular arch pad option, this one is designed to support an average-to-high arch.

Custom-Fit Pressure Mapping
CUSTOM-FIT insoles disperse pressure more evenly and support a broader area for increased all-day comfort. CUSTOM-FIT also optimizes the heel bone angle and helps secure the heel in the shoe for increased power transmission.