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Debido al gran volumen de pedidos y a las restricciones causadas por la pandemia de coronavirus, habrá un retraso en la entrega de 1 a 3 días laborables.
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Road Bikes for triathlon and time trials

The ultimate endurance competition is held in its original form on the bike course with an individual time trial: This means that riding in the slipstream is strictly forbidden. In the meantime, there are also triathlon competitions in which it is permitted and normal racing bikes are used.
High-quality triathlon bikes for the individual time trial are always equipped with top components, so Shimano's Ultegra or even the Dura Ace are often used. The biggest difference to common road bikes is the aero handlebar, and the geometry is adapted to the aero position. In order to equip your bike perfectly for competition or training sessions, we also stock the appropriate parts in our shop.

Bicicleta de triatlón

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