Dr. Wack – premium care for bicycles and components

Dr. Wack's care and cleaning products for bikes and components are based on the knowledge that a clean and well maintained bike works much better, looks much nicer and lasts much longer. With the F100 series from the German company, which has been specialising in premium care products since 1975, outstanding results can be achieved in every respect and with the least possible effort. Frequent cyclists particularly appreciate the F100 bicycle care oil due to its high creeping capacity and transparent protective film as well as the acid-free F100 bicycle cleaner with power gel formula. In our shop, we also offer Dr. Wack chain cleaners and chain oils that significantly reduce the friction and wear in the drivetrain area. A brand new addition to the range is the completely sustainable and environmentally friendly BIO line: the green F100 products from Dr. Wack.

Dr. Wack Bio-Line Dr. Wack Cadena Dr. Wack Bicicleta

Dr. Wack

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