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FAQ - General

1. Devoluciones en caso de desistimiento

Puede encontrar información sobre el derecho de desistimiento en este enlace.

Si desea devolver artículos, inicie sesión en su cuenta de cliente. Si usted ha pagado con Amazon Payment por los artículos en cuestión, por favor inicie sesión usando el botón de inicio de sesión de Amazon. Alternativamente, puede crear una cuenta de cliente utilizando nuestra función "Contraseña olvidada".

Después de registrarse en la cuenta de cliente, seleccione el artículo Devolver artículo. Allí encontrará instrucciones paso a paso sobre cómo Devolver artículo.

Para las devoluciones con un importe superior a 50 Euros ofrecemos etiquetas de envío DHL prepagadas (en colaboración con correos) y el envío es gratuito si procede de uno de los siguientes países::
  • Alemania
  • Bélgica
  • Dinamarca
  • Finlandia
  • Francia
  • Italia
  • Luxemburgo
  • Holanda
  • Austria
En este caso cargaremos con los costes de la devolución. Por supuesto puede devolvernos un paquete sin tener que hacer uso del adhesivo para devoluciones. En este caso, usted cargará con los costes inmediatos de la devolución.

El adhesivo para devoluciones se encuentra disponible en “Mi cuenta”. Inicie sesión en su cuenta de cliente. Allí podrá imprimir el adhesivo de devolución gratuita (siempre y cuando se encuentre disponible en el país) y una etiqueta de devolución.

Por favor, rellene la etiqueta de devolución de la forma más exhaustiva posible y devuelva el paquete con el adhesivo para devoluciones. Ello no es requisito para el válido ejercicio de su derecho de desistimiento y no limita sus derechos legales.

Proceso para mercancías que, por su naturaleza, no pueden ser devueltas normalmente por correo postal (p. ej. envío mediante agencia de transporte). Respecto a mercancías que no puedan ser devueltas mediante correo postal, desgraciadamente no podemos ofrecer una devolución gratuita. En este caso, usted cargará con los costes de devolución del bien. Recogemos el bien en su domicilio. Para ello encargaremos a una agencia de transporte, la cual se pondrá en contacto con usted para acordar la fecha de recogida del bien.

2. I live in a NON-EU-country - which prices do you invoice for customers like me?

The charging of V.A.T. is based upon the country of the delivery address.

If the country of the deliverys adress is a non-EU-country the prices are quoted VAT free!

If you enter a country, which is a member of the EU, into the delivery address when placing your online-order, the VAT of the delivery country will be charged - no matter if you have entered a non-EU-country into the invoice address.


Invoice address Delivery address
Hans Müller Lisa Schmitz
Musterstr. 1 Musterweg 2
CH-1234 Musterstadt DE-12345 Musterhausen
Switzerland Germany

In this case, the order will be treated like an order from a German customer - i. e. we invoice those prices mentioned in our online-shop, since they already include the German V.A.T.

If you, in your delivery address, enter an address in Switzerland (or in another Efta-state like Liechtenstein, Iceland) or in a third party country (like e. g. Japan, USA, Russia, etc.) then the ordered items will only be charged  by the corresponding net-prices. The freight costs, which you find among Payment & delivery, are already stated as net-prices for third party countries. However, please consider that customs' fees and import purchases taxes will be charged when the goods are exported to your country and we do not know how much this will cost. The customs authorities in charge will be able to inform you about these charges.  Also here it is not relevant whether you state another address in another country as invoice address or the same address as your delivery address.

3. I would like to have the V.A.T.-amount reimbursed, since I do not live in a Non-EU-country  - is that possible?

Yes, we can refund the V.A.T. - provided that the goods are delivered to an address within the EU and that you made a remark in the message-field of your online-order regarding an "Ausfuhrkassenzettel" (document for refunding V.A.T.). This message-field  appears at the end of the ordering process at the time when you accept our terms and conditions. The "Ausfuhrkassenzettel" already filled in by us needs to be presented to your customs' duties when importing the goods into the Non-EU-country and let it be  stamped and signed by the customs' authorities. This document needs to be sent to our address in Grafschaft  (please note that all documents must be originals) - a sending by fax, by e-mail or a copy by post will not be accepted by German fiscal authorities (in this case we cannot refund the V.A.T.-amount).

Should the "Ausfuhrkassenzettel" not be in your parcel, you can print it via the following link, fill it in yourself (please just don't sign it in point 12!) and then present it together with the goods to customs' authorities:

Ausfuhrkassenzettel here

4. How can I calculate the correct net-prices before placing an order?

Here you need to apply the rule of three, since the V.A.T. is always added to the net-price - however, you cannot deduct 19 % from the gross-price or else you will not get the net-price, since the gross-price does not correspond to 100 %, but to 119 %. You can correctly calculate the net-price if you take the gross-price - e. g. 199,95 € and multiply this amount by 100 and then divide the result by 119 (or simply divide the gross-price by 1,19). The net-price, which corresponds to the 100 %, thus amounts to 168,02 €. You can cross-check and now add the German V.A.T. of currently 19 % to the 168,02 € net - with the result of 199,95 € gross.

5. I run a business of my own in a country of the EU and I have a V.A.T-number. Can I also order from you at net-prices?

Yes, provided that you enter your VAT-number into the corresponding field of your invoice address in your login-data and save this data before placing your order. Please observe that the VAT-number needs to be entered as follows: Please enter the two letters for the corresponding country (e. g. "AT" for Austria, "BE" for Belgium, "BG" for Bulgaria, "DK" for Denmark, etc.) and then directly afterwards without any spaces, hyphens or other signs the figures of your VAT-number

Example for the CORRECT entering of your VAT-number: ATU12345678              BE0123456789                    DK12345678

Please NOT like this:
AT U 12345678    BE-0123456789      DK 12 34 56 78

In this case, our online-shop would not charge the net-prices, but the regular gross-prices - just as if you were not a retailer.

6. How long does the delivery of a complete bike take?

The estimated delivery time of bicycles varies seasonally. You can find the information at each bike after choosing a frame size. Should the ordered bike not be in stock, the delivery time is extended according to the delivery to our warehouse. Information regarding the availability can be obtained at +49 (0) 2641 - 89 00 0 or Unfortunately the delivery at a certain date given by you is not possible due to logistic reasons.

7. What do the freight charges amount to and what does "bulk good" mean?

The freight costs can be found on our site when clicking on terms of delivery.

If you order bulk-goods (these are transport suitcases for bikes (for complete bikes and for transport-suitcases for bikes, we charge different surcharges)), we charge the mentioned surcharge per bulky good, in which the regular transport-costs for the corresponding country of the delivery-address are already included. We do not charge surcharges for wheels, non-folding tyres or for rims.

Example: You wish to order two tranport suitcases by credit card and the delivery address is supposed to be in Belgium then you will pay 2 x 25,95 € surcharge for transport suitcase, which amounts to 51,90 € plus the amounts of the two suitcases, of course.

8. I can choose between a delivery by DPD (preset) and by DHL when ordering online (outside of the European Union, only a delivery via DHL is possible). What is the difference?

Both transporting companies need the same time for the delivery (in general 1 or maximum 2 working days within Germany; for bulky cartons (among these are bike-transport suitcases and complete bikes) this deadline might be extended to up to 6 working days). DPD however only delivers from Monday to Friday, while DHL also delivers on Saturday.

In general, for a delivery within the EU, DPD needs about 3 to 4 days to deliver the parcel, while DHL needs up to two weeks. In the majority of cases, DHL is less expensive, but then they need longer for a delivery - please bear this in mind for your choice.

Should you not be present at your delivery address in Germany and should also nobody else be able to accept the parcel for you  at this address, DPD will deliver the parcel to a neighbour (either in the same house, if you live in a apartment building with several blocks of flats - or to a neighbour next door or vis-à-vis). DPD generally tries to deliver your parcel on three sequent days; should nobody be present to accept the parcel or should the neighbour not be able or not be willing to accept the parcel, the parcel will be returned to us. In order to see when and to whom your parcel was delivered, please enquire the parcel's history on - there you will see the date, the time and the surname of the person, who accepted your parcel and signed for it  from DPD.

In contrast, DHL just tries once to deliver your parcel and only to persons of your household - generally not to any neighbours. Should nobody be present to accept the parcel, DHL delivers your parcel to the nearest postal office of your home and leaves you a short notice saying that you can pick up the parcel there within a deadline of one week. Should you not have picked up the parcel within this deadline, the parcel will be returned to us.

9. What does "cash before delivery" mean?

When placing your order online and choosing "Cash before delivery", this means that you have to remit the outstanding invoice amount in advance to our account at the Deutsche Bank PGK AG. Only when the due amount is credited to our account, your order can be processed. Please observe that between the time of your remittance and the time when the amount is credited to our account, some days may pass by. Generally, we do not offer direct debit, which means that you have to remit the amount yourself. If your order is urgent, we suggest to pay by credit card (provided that you have a Visa- or MasterCard), by PayPal (provided that you have a PayPal-account) or by cash on delivery (COD) (COD is only possible if the delivery address is within Germany - by choosing COD, you will be charged higher freight costs due to COD charges and delivery charges of DHL). In order for your remittance to be matched with your order, we kindly ask you to only mention the 10-digit order-number as the purpose of your remittance. This order-number begins with the date when you placed the order, followed by 4 further figures - example: You placed your order on 1st June 2010, then your order-number starts with 010610xxxx. Otherwise, unfortunately, we cannot grant a speedy processing of your order.

10. I was given a gift-voucher as a present from a friend of mine and now I would like to settle my new order with this gift-voucher. How does this work?

The gift-voucher was sent by us as a PDF-file via e-mail. On the gift-voucher you can see a 14-digit code. Please enter this code into the corresponding field in your shopping cart. If you wish to redeem more than just one gift-voucher, please repeat this step.

If you now click on the button "forward", you will get tot he site with the possibilities of choice of the payment options. When clicking again on the "forward"-button, you reach the site with the summary of your order. Here, you will see the final order amount, which is already reduced by the amount of the gift-voucher. Now finalize your order. Immediately after that, you will also receive an e-mail with the order confirmation. Also in this e-mail, the reduced final amount after deduction of the gift-voucher's amount is visible.

11. How does the BestPrice-guarantee work?

Provided that you have ordered one (or several) item(s), which are tagged with the BestPrice-guarantee-logo, you can write a remark into the message-field of your online-order regarding the BestPrice-guarantee (this message-field appears at the end of the ordering process at the bottom of the screen at the time when you accept our terms and conditions). Only then we can process your BestPrice-inquiry, since the desired item needs to be available in stock at our competitor in the same size, colour, grading, etc. at the same time when you place your order with us and all further details of your order need to be known (like e. g. delivery address (depending on where you want the goods to be sent -  to your country or to another country, to a "Packstation" (only in Germany) etc.) or on the way of payment (when sending the goods by COD for example (which is only possible for deliveries within Germany), our competitor may charge higher freight charges and the freight costs of our concurrent are also calculated in our  BestPrice-calculation).

Further information about the process of the BestPrice-inquiry can be found on our website, if you click on the BestPrice-guarantee-logo on the right bottom side of our homepage or here.

In case we cannot grant the requested BestPrice (because the items might not be comparable - different  year of production, etc.), we will not proceed with your order until further notice from you and you still have the possibility to cancel your order from us and to order from our concurrent.

12. What is the Daily Product?

Every day of the year we offer another item as "daily product". You will find the Daily Product in the top right corner of our online-shop beneath the category "MY ACCOUNT" or "CART" respectively. This daily product is only valid on the corresponding day until 23:59 h. From 00:00 h this price is no longer valid, since the item changes with the change of date to the new daily item of the following day. Should you search in our online-shop e. g. on a Tuesday at 23:50 h and then intend to place an order, it might be that the daily item no longer appears in your order, though it was in your cart before. This happens if the order is only completed after 00:00 h, thus only on Wednesday, e. g. at 00:05 h.

13. Assos-sizes TIR and XLG - what do these indications of size mean?

Among the indications of sizes of the brand ASSOS you will come across the indication XLG and TIR. XLG corresponds to size XXL, but runs larger (i. e. longer legs, sleeves); TIR however corresponds to size XLG, but additionally runs wider.

14. Question regarding scaled prices: For PowerBar-bars you offer scaled prices when ordering 10 pieces per sort and per flavour. Can I mix different flavours so that in total I order 10 bars and can I also get the scaled prices for this mixture?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We can only offer the favourable scaled price if you take 10 bars per item-number, i. e. per sort and flavour, since the bars in our warehouse are already counted and pre-packed so that one hand movement is enough to pack your order with 10 bars with e. g. chocolate-flavour in your carton. However, if you order e. g. 2 chocolate-bars, 2 banana-bars, 3 vanilla-bars and 3 coconut-bars, we need to count each sort of bar and take it separately out of the box in our warehouse, which means more effort and time are involved, which is why we cannot grant the more favourable scaled price here.

15. I intend to order something from your online-shop - how to register as a new customer?

Click onto "My Account" in the top right corner of our online-shop and then fill in all orange-coloured mandatory fields among the category "For new customers". Afterwards click on the button "register now".

16. I am already a customer of yours, but I cannot remember my login-data. How do I get these?

Just click onto "My Account" in the top right corner of our online-shop and then onto the link next to "Forgot your keyword?" or here. Then enter your e-mail-address there, which you entered at the time when you registered as a new customer. You will then receive an e-mail at this address with your login-data. In case you do not remember, which e-mail-address you entered back then - or should this e-mail-address you entered back then not be valid any longer, please just register as "new customer". You can then think of a new login-name and a new keyword and use this data from now on.

17. I ordered something from your online-shop, but I did not receive any confirmation-e-mail. Do I have to repeat my order?

The best is to check yourself, if your order got through to us by doing as follows: Just log in to our website (in the top right corner you will have to enter your login-name and keyword if you click on "My account"). If you then have logged in successfully, just click on "your latest order" and if you see a 10-digit-number, which starts with the date when you tried to place the order - followed by 4 numbers (for example: if you tried to place the order on 1st July 2011, then this number starts with 010711xxxx), then your order got through to us and can be processed. If you do not see any current order-number there or no order-number at all, then your order failed and we did not receive it.

In the latter case you would have to place the order "again", without having to fear that you will receive the goods twice. In the first case, i. e. if you can see the order-number, but you did not receive any confirmation-e-mail, kindly check the syntax of your e-mail-address (in the login-area among "change invoice address"). Maybe there was a typing error so that the automatical confirmation-e-mail was sent to this wrong e-mail-address. In case the syntax of the e-mail-address was precise, the confirmation-e-mail reached you, however, probably not in your in-box, but in your spam-file or in the file "junk-e-mails" (depending on where you have registered your e-mail-address). Please check, if the e-mail with the order-details reached you; if not, send us a short e-mail to  with your order-number and ask us to send the confirmation-e-mail again. Many thanks.

18. I have finalized an order via your online-shop and afterwards changed my address in my login-data. Do you now send the goods to the corrected address?

A correction of your address data after you have placed an order cannot be taken into consideration for a current order, since the data from the login-area will only be forwarded to us with your next online-order. That means if you like to have your current order be delivered to another address, please contact us immediately by phone or by e-mail or ask us to cancel your current order and  place a new order online by having corrected (and saved!) your address-data before. Should the goods already have been scanned for transport by DPD or DHL or should your parcel already have been handed over to the transport-company, a change of the address  of a current order is not possible any more in most of the cases, unfortunately.

19. I am a customer of the German "Packstation" of DHL. Do you also deliver to a Packstation?

Yes, we also deliver to a Packstation (except bulky goods and complete bicycles, since these are too big for a box in the Packstation). However, please consider that only DHL delivers to a Packstation - not DPD. Therefore, for a delivery to a Packstation, please always choose the delivery with DHL (which costs a surcharge of 1,- €), otherwise the parcel will automatically be returned  to us by DPD, which might however take a few days. Please enter your Packstation-data as follows among the delivery-address:                            

First name Martin
Surname: Mustermann
Addition (Postnummer): 12345678 (indicate your Postnummer!)
Street (Packstation):      Packstation 123
Postal code, town: 12345 Musterstadt
Country: Germany

The following items do NOT fit into a Packstation and thus will be delivered by DHL to an affiliate of the local post office near the desired Packstation. You will be informed by DHL by e-mail and/or SMS where you can pick up your parcel. Or you directly state another delivery-address for these items:

Complete bicycles, frames, transport-suitcases for bikes, wheels, rims, non-folding tyres, child bicycle seats and bike trailers, bike stands, suspension forks and rigid forks as well as handlebars - the maximum dimensions for parcels, which can be sent to a Packstation, are 60 x 35 x 35 cm and their maximum admissible weight is 20 kg per parcel.

20. I passed two orders via your online-shop - can you ship both together in one parcel? or

I passed an order via your online-shop and now, afterwards, it crossed my mind that I would like to add or change something. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, it is no possible to add anything to your current order or to change it, since your order is already in progress. If we changed it or added anything, this procedure would not only delay the delivery time of your order, but also the delivery time of orders from many other customers. Therefore, we hope you understand that we cannot change your order or add any further items.

In our online-shop we ask our customers to pay attention to the fact that a change or a n addition  to this order is not possible at a later moment and that therefore our customers should check all the items in their cart regarding completeness and correctness (as to quantity, size, colour, grading, etc.) before they finalise their orders. This comment appears in red letters below your confirmation "I agree to the general terms and conditions." and again in the automatic e-mail-confirmation of your order.

A consolidation of two separate orders is thus not possible. Should you have finalized an order and discover in retrospect that you forgot to include a certain item to this order or that you ordered something wrong, please call us.

21. I have passed an order by payment in advance and now have received an e-mail, which confirms that you received my payment. What is the further procedure?

Once we confirm receipt of your payment on our account, your order is being processed, i. e., the goods are being packed. Generally, this will take between 1 and 3 working days (depending on the season). As soon as the goods leave our warehouse, you receive another e-mail with a dispatch-advice including the parcel-number in order to check online where your parcel is. From the time of dispatch-advice, DPD or DHL need about  1 or 2 working days for a delivery within Germany or 2 - 3 working days for a delivery in the BeNeLux-countries or to Austria; or 2 - 5 working days for a delivery to all other countries within Europe; deliveries to countries outside of the EU might take up to two weeks or even longer due to customs' declarance, etc. Should you have ordered bulky goods or a complete bicycle, the delivery time by DHL might be extended by up to 5 working days.

22. I have received a dispatch-advice by e-mail, but the parcel-number mentioned in the PDF-file does not seem to be right. How can I check the status of my parcel?

Should you try to check the status of your parcel directly after the receipt of the dispatch-advice, this will not work. Please be patient in this case - your parcel has just been collected from our warehouse. DHL (or DPD) first delivers your parcel to the nearest DHL-depot in Neuwied (or DPD-depot in Koblenz), where the parcel is scanned again, i. e. electronically registered. Only when the parcel was registered in Neuwied (or Koblenz) and was sorted there by the different ZIP-codes and countries, you will be able to see the parcel-number online on the DHL-site (  (or on the DPD-site ( - before, you will just see that "no data (was) found". If you try again on the same evening after 6 p.m. or on the next morning from 08:30 a.m., you will see results in the parcel-history on the DHL- or DPD-site.

Should the e-mail with the dispatch-advice date back longer than one working day and you cannot see any data in the DHL- or DPD-parcel-database, please contact us, in order for us to be able to check what happened, since this may have several reasons. We will then inform you as soon as possible regarding the whereabouts of your parcel. For questions regarding your parcel, please contact

23. There was no return-slip inside my parcel - how can I get this return-slip?

Please click on our start-site in the top right corner below the headline "My Account" (directly above the red  box with the  daily item) on "Login" and log in with your login-name and keyword below  "for registered customers" and then click on the orange button "forward". Now you will see several categories - please click on the top right link "returns". When finished, the "Retourenportal HuS Bike-Discount GmbH" of DHL with your address-data (these are already filled in) will open in a new tab or window. Kindly click  on the yellow button "Absenden" after having checked your sending address. Then the site "Online Frankierung" from DHL opens in another tab or in a nother window. Here, you do not have to enter anything (also no "Coupon-Code"!), please just click on the red button on the bottom of the site "Weiter zum Drucken" and you are then able to print the return-slip, which you can stick to the outside of the parcel. At the same time, DHL will inform you of the parcel-number for the return of goods - by means of this number, you can follow online where your parcel is at any time or when it has arrived in our premises.

Should you have any further queries, which are not listed here or not answered  sufficiently, please contact us directly. Many thanks!