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Run Effektor - Running Socks
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Run Effektor - Running Socks
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  • Descripción

    X-Socks Run Effektor - Running Socks

    The Effektor Running Socks are equipped with the innovative X-Cross® bandage which effectively prevents painful joint injuries to support the sensitive ankle area.
    A newly integrated ToeTip Protector and improved materials enhance the comfort of the socks.

    Features - Effektor Running Socks

    • Air-Conditioning Channel® helps you remove moist and overheated air from your feet every time you move
    • Optimum adaptation to every leg circumference thanks to the Aktiv-Bund®
    • The anatomically shaped Effektor Footbed promotes circulation in the feet, mobilises supplies of nutrient and activates temperature regulation at 37°C
    • Protectors at the heel minimize the risk of blisters
    • Rist-Protector with AirVent Zone helps your feet stay dry and prevents blistering
    • The Toe Protector protects your toes from blisters and chafing
    • ToeTip Protector prevents permanent pressure pain on the toes
    • Areas of the sole of the foot that are firmly enclosed by the shoe are ventilated by the traverse AirFlow Channel System
    • Triple Air Guide® increases the effectiveness of the Air-Conditioning Channel® by up to 25%
    • Stabilization of joints, tendons and muscles with the X-Cross® bandage


    Air-Conditioning Channel®
    Conducts air away from the anatomically shaped footbed via the inside surface of the foot and thus ensures that moist, overheated air is pumped out of even tight fitting shoes with every movement.

    Aktiv-Bund® for X-SOCKS®
    The Aktiv-Bund® adapts to any leg size without slipping or constricting. That guarantees for a perfect fit and wearing comfort.

    Anatomically Shaped Effektor Footbed
    Action and reaction redefined: the skin continuously sends impulses to the brain. The information architecture of the nervous system operates with incredible speed to process tactile stimuli. Although these do not actually register in the consciousness, the brain uses this steady stream of information to constantly react and influence the performance and well-being of the whole body. (The Hohenstein Institute has proved the significant influence of textiles on the brain.) The soles of the feet are covered by a particularly dense network of sensory receptors. As demonstrated very impressively by the reflexes stimulated when somebody tickles them. X-BIONIC® socks with Effektor Technology use these natural skin sensory functions on the soles of the feet and enhance them in a unique way. A controlled stimulus intensity is induced partly by compression above the stimulus threshold. The stimulation of partial areas generates a continuous stream of specific information which tells the brain to send messengers. These messengers play an essential role in the interaction of cells within an organism. They control the body's metabolic processes. The anatomically shaped Effektor Footbed promotes circulation in the feet, mobilises supplies of nutrient and activates temperature regulation at 37°C.

    Heel Protector
    The heel area is particularly prone to blisters: the Heel Protector absorbs friction and thus effectively decreases the risk of blistering.

    Instep Protector with AirVent Zone
    The 2 millimetre-high 3D knit technology keeps the material from clinging fully to the skin and therefore allows effective ventilation. Moist, warm air can escape upwards out of the shoe. The foot remains dry and resists blisters.

    Toe Protector
    Who wants to be top needs, to take care of his toes. The asymmetric Toe Protector absorbs pressure and perfectly hugs the contour of the asymmetric toe area.

    ToeTip Protector
    Everyone knows the unpleasant feeling when a toe constantly bumps up against the shoe. After a while, you have a painful sore spot. The chances of this problem occurring while doing sports is quite high because the continuous movement can cause the foot to slide forward in the shoe. To buffer the foot from this pressure the ToeTip Protector is made of a Robur that cushions and protects the toes and the especially sensitive tips of the toes.

    Traverse AirFlow Channel System
    The three-channel cross-ventilation system helps to conduct warmth and moisture into the Air-Conditioning Channel®. The traverse ventilation system ensures that large areas of the sole of the foot, areas normally tightly pressed into the shoe, are amply supplied with fresh air. For this, the pumping action of the arch of the foot is mobilised. When you step down, the flattening of the arch forces fresh air around the entire sole of the foot and, when the arch lifts again, air is drawn out of the shoe.

    Triple Air Guide®
    Thanks to the use of the newly developed air deflector system at the edges and in the core of the Air-Conditioning Channel®, their effectiveness was increased by 25 % as was their stability.

    X­Cross® Bandage
    Our feet depend on the finely tuned interaction of tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. One careless step can be enough to destroy this experienced team. Therefore the ankles require extra protection without inhibiting the foot’s freedom. This is why we invented the X-Cross® Bandage. It is a cross ankle bandage knitted from an elastic material, which stabilises the ankle and optimally supports the foot’s function without limiting the freedom of movement.

  • Detalles


    88% Nylon, 7% Polypropylene, 5% Elastane
  • Especificaciones


    Fabricante: X-Socks
    Hombre/mujer/unisex Men
    Utilización: Running, Nordic Walking
    Lavabilidad: 40°C
    Color: black/acid green
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