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Invent® 4.0 - Women's Long Underpants
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Invent® 4.0 - Women's Long Underpants
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  • Descripción

    X-Bionic Invent® 4.0 - Women's Long Underpants

    This functional women's underwear was made to deliver light compression and effective thermoregulation. Thanks to technologically innovative production on precision machines, the functional zones are seamlessly integrated in the exceptionally dense material and can act with pinpoint precision.

    Effective thermoregulation: the long Invent® 4.0 women's underpants by X-Bionic

    The legendary 3D Bionic Sphere® system ensures optimum thermoregulation of the chest and back with proven effectiveness. It cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold. Sweat Traps® prevent sweat gutters and additionally support the cooling effect.

    Technologies such as the Venus XT Rib, a vertical ventilation channel for increased air exchange and improved sweat evaporation, are responsible for temperature-controlling ventilation. The stabilizing and balance-promoting ProPrio-Padding, but also the perfect fit thanks to the Aktiv-Bund and IDEO-Waistband, reinforce the performance-promoting wearing comfort.

    Features - Invent® 4.0

    • AirConditioningSpot
    • 3D ­Bionic Sphere® System
    • Air-Conditioning Channel® with ZERO-Insulation
    • Aktiv-Bund®
    • IDEO-Waistband
    • Innerlap AirConditioning Zone®
    • MacroSphere System
    • ProPrio-Padding


    Since the back of the knees start to sweat quickly and also sweat profusely, we have integrated a fine, open mesh knit there. With the help of body warmth, excess sweat is pushed outward where it can evaporate without risk of chills.

    3D Bionic Sphere®
    The 3D Bionic Sphere® System leaves a thin film of moisture on the skin without the body sensing wetness. Sweat Traps® then transport excess sweat, allowing it to evaporate, then disposing of it via thermal dynamics. What remains is only a comfortable, thin, cooling layer of moisture.

    Air-Conditioning Channel®
    The AirConditioning Channel® is a ventilation system of channels that wrap around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation. Physiological studies have shown that e.g. the chest area is an optimal zone for quick and effective venting and cooling. Exchanging fresh air over a system of channels cools the chest area without spreading a “cold” sensation throughout the body. The constant air movement along the AirConditioning Channel® also effectively draws moisture away from the sweat zones.

    The Aktiv-Bund® adapts to any size of arm, leg and hip without slipping or constricting.

    The ideally designed, ergonomically optimized waistband keeps the garment in place even with constant movements.

    Innerlap AirConditioning Zone
    In terms of muscle performance, the inner thigh is less reactive to cold. We all instinctively know this: When our hands are cold, we put them between our thighs to warm them up, helping us re-establish our overall sense of warmth more quickly. The Innerlap AirConditioningZone has been placed in this area. It is a finely knit fabric mesh with zero insulation. Cooling therefore occurs initially through the exchange of air. As soon as sweat has started to evaporate, the cooling process steps it up a notch since the activation system lies directly next to the skin.

    MacroSphere System®
    The large three-dimensional MacroSphere system on chest and back provides a refreshing cooling effect. It cools reliably when you sweat and provides warmth when you get cold.

    ProPrio-Padding actively ensures the balance and stability of the entire body.

  • Detalles


    94% Polyamide, 3% Polypropylene, 3% Elastane
  • Especificaciones


    Fabricante: X-Bionic
    Hombre/mujer/unisex Women
    Corte: Slim Fit
    Utilización: Multisport
    Lavabilidad: 30°C
    Color: black/charcoal
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