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Energizer Sports Bra
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Energizer Sports Bra
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  • Descripción

    X-Bionic Energizer Sports Bra

    Perfect support – active moisture management – highest comfort: X-Bionic Sports Bra.
    Superiority is in the details. The 3D Bionic Sphere® System on the chest and back actively manages body temperature with its three-dimensional channels, while the innovative ridged construction creates extraordinary support without giving up comfort. The Fort-X Support is unrivaled: The X-shaped construction optimally stabilises breast tissue. The fine horizontal ridges control unnecessary movement, absorb moisture immediately and thus prevent chafing. At the same time, its construction inhibits a buildup of moisture.

    Features - Energizer Sports Bra

    • Insulation: Light
    • Compression: Medium
    • 3D ­Bionic Sphere® System
    • Sweat Traps®


    3D-BionicSphere® System in the chest area
    Without giving the body the impression that it is getting cold, fresh air from the 3D-BionicSphere® System in the chest area cools down the body temperature. The air is tempered inside the ducts, working like a sluice. Hot, moist air is disposed of using the dynamics of body warmth and then replaced with new fresh air.

    3D-BionicSphere® System on the back
    Guarantees effective ventilation so moisture is quickly wicked and transported away. No sweat means insulating air pockets in the wavelike structure protect against cold.

    SweatTraps® on the back
    To make sure you don't waste one single drop of valuable sweat, the closely aligned rows of SweatTraps® now form the bottom of the 3D-BionicSphere® System on the back.

    Highly elastic waistband
    Provides comfortable fit and supports without constricting.

    FORT-X Support
    The x-shaped structure stabilises the breast tissue optimally. The fine horizontal ridges counteract vibrations, absorb moisture instantly and thus prevent chafing. No feeling of dampness: The innovative channel system used in the FORT-X Support absorbs excessive sweat immediately and allows it to evaporate. Lock the sweat out and the air pockets can insulate against the cold. A pleasant body feeling remains even during aerobic sports.

    Finely detailed ribbing provide for optimal fit of the underwear. With the ribbed structure and its material, the shirt fi ts closely against the body without constricting. This optimises the functionality of the climate zones and guarantees a perfect fit.

    Ergonomic relief support
    The ergonomically formed supports are widely spaced to prevent pressure sores and to guarantee a secure hold.

    Seamless comfort cups
    The seamless cups are made from extra-fine material to prevent unwanted friction and to provide the athlete with maximum comfort.

  • Detalles


    96% polyamide, 3% elastane, 1% polypropylene
  • Especificaciones


    Fabricante: X-Bionic
    Hombre/mujer/unisex Women
    Corte: Slim Fit
    Utilización: Sport
    Lavabilidad: 30°C
    Color: Black/Pearl Grey
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