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Biking Effektor Power Full Zip - Jersey
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Biking Effektor Power Full Zip - Jersey
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  • Descripción

    X-Bionic Biking Effektor Power Full Zip - Jersey

    Step beyond the current limits of physics? All clear ahead! Effektor™ Biking Powershirt®.

    You’ll pull away effortlessly from the competition wearing the Effektor™ Biking Powershirt®. That’s because Effektor™ Technology increases your performance ability, allowing you to reach a higher athletic level more quickly. No matter if you are a time trial specialist, sprinter, power hill climber or take part in one-day road races. With the Effektor™ Biking Powershirt®, you gain strength and conditioning. Its secret is the unrivaled X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression. It puts pressure on your muscles just via 1-mm-wide ridges. That reduces muscle vibrations, improves the uptake of oxygen and nutrients to muscles, and enables faster regeneration. The 3D-BionicSphere® System on the chest and back also enables continuous air circulation, allowing sweat to evaporate and unleash its important cooling power. That saves valuable energy needed by the body for competition. Effektor™ thus prevents early onset of fatigue, even in the hardest races.

    Features - Biking Effektor Power Full Zip Jersey

    • Insulation: Light
    • Compression: High
    • 3D ­Bionic Sphere® System
    • Air-Conditioning Channel®
    • Neural-Response-Effect
    • Sweat Traps®
    • X-BIONIC® Partial Compression®


    3D Bionic Sphere®
    The 3D Bionic Sphere® System leaves a thin film of moisture on the skin without the body sensing wetness. Sweat Traps® then transport excess sweat, allowing it to evaporate, then disposing of it via thermal dynamics. What remains is only a comfortable, thin, cooling layer of moisture.

    Air-Conditioning Channel®
    The AirConditioning Channel® is a ventilation system of channels that wrap around the body, continuously carrying away moisture and warmth. It allows air to flow to body regions not normally accessible by fresh air circulation. Physiological studies have shown that e.g. the chest area is an optimal zone for quick and effective venting and cooling. Exchanging fresh air over a system of channels cools the chest area without spreading a “cold” sensation throughout the body. The constant air movement along the AirConditioning Channel® also effectively draws moisture away from the sweat zones.

    Effektor Technologie recognises neural physiology as an extra boost to performance ability. With Partial Kompression® it exerts constant targeted pressure on the peripheral neurons and sets up a constant state of fight-or-flight. This constantly activated relationship to the nervous system enables an optimised muscular use and creates decisive performance advantages:

    • Quicker reaction time
    • Stronger muscle contractions
    • Better coordination
    • Minimised risk of injury
    • Decreased fatigue

    Sweat Traps™
    Of the 3 million sweat glands in our skin, almost 300 per square centimeter are packed into the underarm area. Sweat Traps® wick away the moisture where it begins. The Evaporation Surface Expander™ processes sweat and pulls the moisture away.

    X¬-Bionic® Partial Compression®
    Compression improves the oxygen uptake of your muscles, reduces muscle vibrations and improves recovery. The PartialKompression® by X¬BIONIC® uses all the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling features.

  • Detalles


    88% Polyamide, 4% Elastane, 4% Polypropylene
  • Especificaciones


    Fabricante: X-Bionic
    Hombre/mujer/unisex Men
    Corte: Slim Fit
    Utilización: Bike
    Lavabilidad: 30°C
    Color: green lime/pearl grey
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