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Latex Tube 700x25/28 SV 51mm
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Latex Tube 700x25/28 SV 51mm
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  • Descripción

    Vittoria Latex Tube 700x25/28 SV 51mm

    Latex Tube provides lower rolling resistance than butyl tubes. Due to their high elasticity and flexibility, latex tubes offer a high level of flat resistance.
    • Weight: 85g
    • Presta Valve (replaceable, which allows to use valve extenders)
    • valve length 51mm
    • Size: 25/28-700
  • Evaluaciones
    Great tube. I use it is Continental GP4000S2 25 mm. +Good price at BD +Faster than butyl +Less vibrations (feels in yours hands) +More alive than butyl, feels like tubulars +My experience: better puncture resistance -Must inflate on a regular basis every 1-2 days. Advice: Be VERY careful when mounting, add a slight amount of air i the tube. Keep AWAY from tyre rim/wheel pinch, tuck it in ver thoroughly. Choose the larger tube when using 25:s, especially Contis which are larger than specified, otherwise the tube will stretch to much add you have the risk of a blow-out. I know, it have had blow-outs.
    My first latex tube, I use them with Conti GP 4000S II 700x25. For me works great. Pressure falls from 120Psi to about 95 in one day and to 40Psi for one week, so I need pump before each ride.
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