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One Shot Sealant 120ml
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One Shot Sealant 120ml
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  • Descripción

    Tune One Shot Sealant 120ml

    One Shot – One shot is enough! Latex isn´t bad but the world does not stop rotating.

    Fast and elongated function: Tune One Shot Sealant 

    Usual stuff either is fast sealing and have low shelflife respectively effective live or stay longer active in the tire but sealing velocity is low. With One Shot you hold all the cards. A completely new formulation without Ammonia, Latex and other current additives with an incredible power spectrum: Fast and elongated function. We have tested the best available sealants on the market with a filling of 100ml milk, pressure 2 bar, nail with standardized grinded top.

    Product features

    • Use: Road, MTB, Marathon, All Mountain, Enduro, Downhill
    • Material: Synthetic sealent
    • Durability: min. 12 months
    • Others: Ammoniumfree and without natural latex
    • Volume: 120ml
    Practical! On the bottom of the ONE SHOT 60 ml bottle you can find a little valve tool. With it you can easily open the valve and then fill in the sealant.

    Scope of delivery 

    • 1 Tune One Shot Sealant 120ml


    Shake vigorously before use. 
    Ammonia, natural latex and protein free – One Shot Sealant is optimized for use in tubeless road and mountain bike tires to provide a reliable seal and protection against punctures, small cuts and tubeless rim leaks without adverse chemical reactions affecting the tire, tube or rim. One Shot can also be used in all tubes with removable PRESTA valve cores and tubular tires. Effective temperature from minus 10 to 80° Celsius (14 to 176° Fahrenheit), and on average remains effective from 9 to 12 months depending upon local conditions and amount used. 

    Recommended amounts per tire: 
    • 1.0“ to 2.4“ width: 60-90ml
    • 2.5” to 4.0“ width: 90-120ml
    Results and amounts needed may vary depending on temperatures and riding conditions. 


    Keep out of reach of children. Contents may cause allergic reactions if ingested. If swallowed do not induce vomiting – Drink water and call a physician. Use eye protection. In case of eye contact flush thoroughly with water and seek medical attention. 

    Instructions for usage in tubes, tubeless and tubular tires

    • 1. Shake bottle contents vigorously before use
    • 2. Remove inner seal under screw nozzle (first time use). Re-attach nozzle
    • 3. Using tool inserted into bottle base, remove valve core from Presta valve completely
    • 4. Remove end cap from One Shot nozzle and press nozzle firmly over Presta valve barrel. Do this with valve at 12 O’ clock position to avoid spillage
    • 5. Rotate wheel and One Shot container to 6 O’ clock position. Gently squeeze contents until bottle is empty as seen through sight window
    • 6. Remove One Shot container and re-attach nozzle end cap. Re-insert Presta valve core using supplied tool (Do not over-tighten). Re-attach valve tool to One Shot container base
    • 7. Connect pump, compressor or high-pressure cartridge and inflate tire to recommended pressure

    ONE SHOT Sealant

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