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Lowrider TARA 26" - 28" black
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Lowrider TARA 26" - 28" black
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  • Descripción

    Tubus Lowrider TARA 26" - 28" black

    The best selling tubus lowrider has been improving over the last 20 years, and is well known as the indestructible workhorse. With its adjustable side arms and the different mounting holes it can be easily mounted on nearly every fork.

    The TARA has separate fixing eyelets for fender struts. The TARA is often used together with the CARGO; they are the dream team for demanding cyclists.

    Specifications Tara
    • Material: 25CrMo4
    • Weight: 500 g
    • Max. Load: 15 kg
    • Wheelsize: 28"/26"
  • Evaluaciones
    Great carrier. Well designed and constructed, all the components and instructions necessary to make installation straightforward. Looking forward to many miles and years of enjoyment with the Tubus Tara Lowrider. Bike-Discount deserve the 5* for ease of purchase, communicative emails and above all the speed of despatch and delivery of my order. Ordered on Wednesday and delivered to me in UK on Saturday morning, fitted in the afternoon :)) Well done
    Довольно прочный багажник, отлично встал на вилку моего Genesis croix de fer.
    I bought this in another shop. It was hard work to install Tara on Genesis Croix de fer so that rails are horizontal to the ground. Hardest thing is to work around front disc brakes, quic-release scewer and to make it compatible with front fender. Make sure that you have enough of washers, spacers and different bolts and nuts! After installation did a test run with lightly packed ortlieb panniers. Test went great, did not feel negative influence on handling, probably because I made sure that the weight between sides is balanced. I have not yet tested with heavier panniers.
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