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Bicycle Tow Bar
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Bicycle Tow Bar
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  • Descripción

    Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar

    With the Trail-Gator bicycle tow bar, parents can connect the child's bike of their offspring quickly and safely to their own bike at any time. The tow bar can be easily stowed away on the adult bike and just needs to be extended and coupled to the child's bike when needed.

    For safe and hassle-free tours with your offspring: the Trail-Gator bike tow bar

    The result is a parent-child tandem that makes cycling tours with your offspring a pleasant affair, even when the child's energy and cycling enthusiasm start to diminish. The child can choose whether it wants to carry on pedalling while attached or simply let it roll and enjoy the effortless ride.

    Features - Bicycle Tow Bar

    • Safe and stable construction
    • Foldable bar
    • Compatible with most bicycles
    • Ideal for stress-free parent-child bike tours
    • Can be stowed on the parent's bicycle when not in use


    • Wheel size children's bicycle: 12" - 20"
    • Wheel size adult's bicycle: at least 25"
    • Seat post diameter adult's bicycle: 25,4mm - 31,8mm
    • Maximum weight child: 32kg
    • Weight balance: the adult must be at least twice as heavy as the child
    • Drivetrain child's bike: the child's bike must have a freewheel
    • Head tube child's bike: max. diameter 45mm
    • Brakes children's bike: standard version intended for children's bikes with side-pull brakes



    Weight (manufacturer information)

    • 3.5 kg

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar
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