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Pastillas de freno disco Formula Disc 25
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Pastillas de freno disco Formula Disc 25
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No. artículo: YY00008605
  • Descripción

    SwissStop Pastillas de freno disco Formula Disc 25

    SWISSSTOP brake pad compounds offer the best brake characteristics in all weather conditions and for all bicycle styles. Four different compounds are available. Choose the one that is right for your application. We offer disc brakes for nearly all makes and models on the market. These pads offer excellent performance – as good or better than the original equipment.

    An optimal compound containing a variety of materials produces outstanding brake performance with minimal effort at the brake lever. Brake performance is good in wet and dry conditions and pads are very durable. High quality springs are included with every set of SWISSSTOP disc brake pads.

    • Compatible with: Formula Mega/The One/R1/RX
  • Evaluaciones
    Top Funktion, wenig Verschleiss
    Bremsbeläge waren bereits nach ca 350 km am Ende. Die Standfestigkeit war auch nicht wie erhofft. Bei längeren Abfahrten kam es gelegentlich zu massiven Verzögerungsverlusten. Des weiteren haben sie auch sehr schnell angefangen "zu qualmen" (deutliche Geruchsbildung)
    first time running organic pads from swisstop , significatly more progressive bite and better braking control, a bit pricey but let see how long they will last , UPDATE : lifetime around 4 months / 700 km of aggressive riding
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