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E3 Tail Light 2 Rackmount
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E3 Tail Light 2 Rackmount
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  • Descripción

    Supernova E3 Tail Light 2 Rackmount Luces traseras

    For many years it was not possible to build a rear light with such small dimensions and such brightness that is road legal in Germany. The daz- zling bright light of these precious gems guided by the clever Twin Beam Technology provides the best possible safety.

    The new E3 Tail Light 2 is a typical Supernova product that is expanding the technical limits while having a functional, puristic design. The stand light electronics of the puristic rear light has been neatly integrated into the front light. This innovation makes the extremely small design possible.The CNC-machined rear light only weighs 12 g and is 100% waterproof. It is also one of the brightest rear lights that is road legal in Germany. The new side illumination of the lighting system further increases traffic safety.

    Light colour red
    Stand light 4 min *
    Housing colours 8 colours
    Illuminant 5 mm custom made LEDs
    Length x width x depth 11 x 30 x 15 mm
    Material 6061 Aluminium
    Weight 12 g
    Installation 50 mm standard

    * (Is supplied with stand-light by every E3 front light.)


    The new road legal Tail Light 2 with an ultra-bright 250° beam greatly en- hances your safety. The Twin Beam Technology in all new rear lights offers extremely bright illumination towards the rear and both sides. The indicator beam even makes it possible for the rider to control whether the light is on while sitting in the saddle.

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