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RED eTap AXS 2x12-speed Groupset
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RED eTap AXS 2x12-speed Groupset
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  • Descripción

    SRAM RED eTap AXS 2x12-speed Groupset

    The brand new electronic SRAM RED® eTap® AXS™ group is an intuitive, high-performance shifting group that allows you to concentrate on the essentials: driving. With AXS™, the electronic integration platform, Sram has introduced unprecedented control, personalization and insight into the performance of the bicycle.

    Viva la Revolución: the new RED eTap AXS Group from SRAM

    New SRAM RED eTap AXS™ is much more than an evolution. It's a revolution. Sram created a groupset that's as capable as today's riders and the bikes that they choose. It offers more range, a smoother gear progression, and the simplicity of eTap® shift logic—so that you're always in the right gear. AXS™ allows you to easily personalize the groupset right from your phone and enable your choices while riding. Orbit™ technology offers next-level chain management for all the places a drop bar bike can go. 

    Scope of Delivery - RED eTap AXS 2x12-speed Elektronic Kit

    • 1 x Red eTap AXS Shift- / Brake System
    • 1 x Red eTap AXS 12-speed Rear Derailleur
    • 1 x Red eTap AXS 2x12-speed Front Derailleur Braze On
    • Charger and Batteries

    Red eTap AXS Shift- / Brake System

    Fully wireless electronics. The SRAM RED® eTap® AXS™ shift/brake system brings the future within reach with real enhancements that offer Srams best shifting and braking performance.


    • AXS™ enables simple personalization
    • Simple and intuitive eTap® switching logic
    • Individual adaptation to all hands and preferences with Contact Point Adjustment™ and separate Reach Adjust™
    • Newly structured shift paddles and rubber grips for a better grip
    • Two blips™ connections per side

    Product features

    • Use: Road
    • Group: Red eTap AXS
    • Lever reach adjust: Yes
    • Brake-type: mechanical brake system
    • Gears front: 2-speed
    • Gears rear: 12-speed 


    • 736g (manufacturer information)

    Red eTap AXS 12-speed Rear Derailleur

    The SRAM RED® eTap® AXS™ rear derailleur is an interactive masterpiece. It has a long list of advances... leading to a quieter, more powerful drive group.


    • SRAM AXS™ enables simple personalization
    • Orbit™ chain management keeps the drive quiet and safe
    • A single rear derailleur for all translation combinations, including 1x and 2x
    • Improved motor and signal path for faster switching
    • Larger X-SYNC™ switchgear and ceramic bearings for greater durability and efficiency
    • Compatible with current eTap® batteries

    Product features

    • Use: Road
    • Group: Red eTap AXS
    • Gears: 12-speed
    • Compatible chain: SRAM 12-speed flat top chains
    • Compatibility: SRAM 12-fold cassettes


    • 303g (manufacturer information)

    Red eTap AXS 2x12-speed Front Derailleur Braze On

    The SRAM RED eTap AXS™ front derailleur leverages the advancements with X-Range™ gearing. The derailleur design carves out space for wide rear-tire clearance, making it a perfect fit for modern riding. And the shifting is quick and precise.


    • AXS™ enabled for easy personalization
    • Elegant and streamlined form for more rear-tire clearance
    • SRAM Yaw™ trimless cage technology with an optimized cage profile for new SRAM RED® front chainring combinations
    • The most responsive, quick, and precise front shifting to date
    • Compatible with existing eTap® batteries

    Product features

    • Use: Road 
    • Group: Red eTap AXS
    • Mounting: Braze On 
    • Gear front: 2-speed
    • Gear rear: 12-speed
    • Chainstay angle: 61-66° 
    • Compatible Shifter: Sram AXS
    • Compatible Chainring: Yaw 12-speed


    • 170g (manufacturer information)


    AXS™ is SRAM's new electronic integration platform that combines electronic bicycle components and software. The SRAM AXS app allows riders to see battery status, change component behavior, adjust controls, receive maintenance reminders and update firmware.

    Racers and their drivers are faster and more efficient than ever before. But the translation of our cars has not kept pace with this change. It has been limited by tradition. With the sole aim of improving the modern riding experience on the road, Sram has completely redesigned the road bike ratio. The new Deep Range technology. Not only does it offer more translation bandwidth, but this bandwidth is also better. It has “depth“: A smoother, more useful gear graduation. Intelligent shift settings, made possible by AXS™, bring the simplicity of a 1-speed drive to 2 speeds. So you always have the right gear and the translation is not in your way. Drive faster, more efficiently and more comfortably with Deep Range technology.

    The Orbit™ technology is an innovative new form of rear derailleur motion control. It uses silicone fluid as part of an elegant and ultra-light shock absorber system. Compared to a conventional friction clutch system, Orbit technology produces no additional resistance to the rear derailleur spring during slow or light movement. This means easier shifting and rear wheel removal. During the ride, the fluid damper holds the chain back in a refined and elegant way. With maximum reliability and chain tension, for 2-fold and 1-fold systems.

    All of the underlying tech in our new SRAM RED® eTap groupset such as wireless shifting, advanced battery power management and mechatronics technologies are all meant to serve one ultimate purpose, to facilitate the most intuitive and consistent shifting available. This shift logic is called eTap. Right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers shift the front derailleur. Simple, unmistakable, and intuitive.

    SRAM eTap AXS Overview

    Simply Beyond: SRAM eTap AXS

    X-Range: SRAM eTap AXS

    Orbit: SRAM eTap AXS

    SRAM Red eTap AXS™ Review

    Guido testet

    Lots of small components steps, one big step for road bikes ... SRAM presents the RED eTap AXS™! With a revolution regarding the company‘s most powerful road bike group, SRAM once again breaks with a few principles and initiates a fundamental innovation in road cycling! After the introduction and establishment of the electric shifter group RED eTap for rim brakes and disc brakes, SRAM now launches its latest coup. Read more...

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    UPC: 710845824272
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