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Force22 Brakeshifters Set
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Force22 Brakeshifters Set
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  • Descripción

    SRAM Force22 Brakeshifters Set

    The new SRAM Force 22 ErgoDynamic™ Shifters were modeled after the best in class comfort of SRAM RED, and represent our most advanced thinking yet on perfecting the interface between rider and bike.

    Everything received the same detail, including the transition between handlebar and hoods, the grip texture, finger wrap, and the separate interfaces with both the shifter and brake lever. The understated black finish makes it look fast and a perfect match for any machine.

    • Weight 307g (pair)
    • Speeds 2 (Front) & 11 (Rear)
    • Compatibility SRAM RED 22 & Force 22 Yaw™ Front Derailleurs, Exact Actuation™ Rear Derailleurs
    • Technology Highlight(s) DoubleTap™, ErgoDynamics™, ZeroLoss™
    • Material Carbon Brake Lever, Aluminum Shift Lever, Textured Hood Covers

    Features and technologies

    • Incredibly light weight at the bars, improving handling and control, at 307 grams.
    • ErgoFit textured body improves grip and finger wrap with reduced diameter, providing better control, and a better transition to the bar.
    • Individual Reach Adjust™ of brake and shift lever, now easier to access and uses a standard hex key, puts the controls exactly where you want them.
    • Larger ErgoBlade lever improves shifting from the drops.
    • DoubleTap® technology delivers both shifts from the single lever.
    • ZeroLoss™ shifting, shifts engage immediately.
    • New clamp allows better fit and adjustment for modern carbon and ergo bars.
    UPC: 710845728815
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    Perfekte Shifter
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