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MTB Saddle 611 Active TiTube 13cm
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MTB Saddle 611 Active TiTube 13cm
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  • Descripción

    SQlab. MTB Saddle 611 Active TiTube 13cm

    The top model of MTB SQlab!

    By damped lateral movement the saddle follows the natural pedaling motion. This reduces the unpleasant saddle sores mobilizing the spinal discs and is therefore bad back. The pedaling motion can be rounder and more efficient. The pelvic movement is adjustable and corresponds to the maximum of walking, so this is - in contrast to the gain in comfort - hardly noticed.

    • longer saddle nose for more contact, feedback and bike control
    • Terms of Kevlar at risk points
    • Respect of K18 at the contact points to the body
    • the proven SQlab step shape for more freedom and less pressure on sensitive areas
    • active concept adjustable via elastomers in three hardnesses - included
    • Pursuit of lightweight, flexible titube alloy
    • Shell made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic with optimized wall thicknesses
    • Available in three widths: 13cm, 14cm, 15cm

    • Application range MTB: sitting position, triathlon, riding position-stretched sitting position-moderate
    • Nut Width (effective use): 13 cm
    • Length: 302 mm
    • Weight: 289 g
    • Pad hardness (Shore-SQ): 60
    • Discharge (perineal area): 60%
    • Braces: TiTube Alloy
    • Reference: K18 Kevlar
    • Padding material: Foam Marathon
    • Elastomers (replaceable): soft, medium, hard
    • active: yes

    More freedom, lesser pressure with the SQlab Stepsaddle Concept!
    The lowered saddle nose of SQlab's stepsaddle design was developed by SQlab's head of R&D Dr. Stefan Staudte (Urologist & Extrembiker) to distribute the bodyweight by medical view points.

    SQlab Saddle width system:
    All SQlab saddles come in three or four different widths. Our dealers are trained by us and are able to measure your seat bone distance and will calculate, depending on the seat position and driving habits, the optimum saddle width.
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