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Exceed 3X - Headlamp
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Exceed 3X - Headlamp
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  • Descripción

    Silva Exceed 3X - Headlamp

    The Silva Exceed 3X provides a great combination of powerful light and leightweight battery power. With updated, more ergonomic buckles for smoother adjustment of the headband, an improved back plate for optimal weight distribution/battery carrying and a new headband combined with a smart cable guide that gives you more carrying options.

    Powerful lamp power from Sweden: the Exceed 3X from Silva

    Weight is essential when you want to push your limits to the next level. The flexibility of the Exceed lets you optimize the weight for your specific needs. The ergonomic back plate is designed to hold the battery steady on the back of your head, but can be detached and replaced by the back cable guide if you want to keep your headlamp clean and simple — either solution lets you carry the battery in your pocket to keep the weight off your head.

    Exceed 3X is loaded with features that makes it a perfect companion for multi athletes with focus on downhill skiing and mountain biking. By blending powerful light with a compact and lightweight battery the Exceed 3X is also highly suitable for demanding runners, skiers and orienteers.

    Features - Exceed 3X

    • SILVA Intelligent Light combining long reach spot light and close flood light
    • SILVA FLOW LIGHT varies the light pattern depending on your activity
    • BOOST MODE with 2200 LUMEN provides a boost of extra powerful light when better vision is required
    • MULTI ATTACHMENT — headlamp comes with a headband, as well as attachments for your bike and helmet; making it extra flexible
    • LONG-DISTANCE BATTERY PACK — Silva's compact and lightweight battery pack (3.3 Ah) with smart Velcro attachment, battery level indicator and USB charging
    • waterproof IPX5 standard

    Product features

    • LED type: 3 x High Power LEDs, 1 x Green/Red LED
    • Attachment: Headband, Helmet, Bike
    • Battery: Li-Ion 7.4V 3.3Ah / Hard case
    • Charging type: USB
    • Charging time: USB
    • Battery indication: yes
    • Beam pattern: Intelligent Light® and Flow Light
    • Discharge time (max mode): 4h (+20 ˚C), 1,5h (-5 ˚C)
    • Reserve mode: yes
    • Output:
      • Boost mode: 2300 Lumen
      • Max mode: 1000 Lumen
      • Min mode: 80 Lumen
    • Water resistance: IPX5


    • black

    Weight (Manufacturer information)

    • with battery: 300g
    • without battery: 129g

    Scope of delivery

    • Silva Exceed 3X headlamp
    • 3.3Ah Li-Ion battery
    • Head band
    • Headband backplate
    • Top band
    • Cable guide back
    • cable guide side
    • Helmet bracket
    • Bike bracket
    • Extension cord (incl textile strap)
    • USB cable
    • USB adaptor
    • Quick guide
    • Nylon bag


    SILVA Intelligent Light® + Flow Light
    SILVA Intelligent Light® optimizes the light pattern by the unique combination of a long reach spot light and a close flood light. This results in less head movements and a clear view of near as well as far obstacles, and you gain the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better.
    The ingenious SILVA Flow Light takes the optimization even further by providing seamless tuning of the light pattern for your favorite sport. Simply tilting the light downwards makes the beams wider to brighten up slower activities. When tilting the headlamp upwards, the light reaches longer to provide perfect vision when you move fast.

    Smart Battery
    The 9.9 Ah battery is USB rechargeable and it comes with a multi attachment Velcro strap for mounting on a belt or bike. SILVA Connection System opens up the flexibility to use any SILVA Li-Ion battery from 2008 and onwards. An indicator helps you keep track of the charge level before and during your activity. There is also a low battery warning and reserve mode, which automatically adjusts the light to a setting that ensures that you get back home safely.

    Flexible Attachment Options
    The wide anti-slip headband and ergonomic back plate ensure a comfortable fit even during long and rough activities. The detachable top band gives extra support when needed. The headband is designed to fit on a helmet by detaching the ergonomic back plate — thus giving you the flexibility to use either the included helmet bracket or to just snap the headlamp onto your helmet and go. If you prefer to place the lamp on a bike handlebar — a bike bracket is also included. The flexible attachment options and the headlamp’s ability to withstand all types of weather and terrain further enhance the multi activity possibilities.

    Video: SILVA Exceed 3-Series

    Año modelo: 2019
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