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DEORE BR-M6000 Disc Brake Set
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DEORE BR-M6000 Disc Brake Set
104,90 €
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No. artículo: 20075274
  • Descripción

    Shimano DEORE BR-M6000 Disc Brake Set

    The DEORE BR-M6000 hydraulic 2-piston disc brake with 2-finger brake lever from Shimano offers powerful and responsive braking for different mountain bike riding styles. With SERVO WAVE Action, reach adjust, and I-spec II compatibility, the lever delivers affordable performance.
    The new DEORE take this to heart and offers every mountain biker for every application from Cross Country to Trail sufficient braking power. It succeeded SHIMANO to optimize the ratio of braking power and controllability on.

    Features - DEORE BR-M6000 2-Piston Disc Brake Set

    • Sleek and resilient master cylinder design
    • SERVOWAVE high-power brake
    • Powerful and responsive braking for a wide range of riding styles, from XC to all-mountain
    • Durable construction with a cool integrated appearance
    • Smooth and predictable control, with a balance of power and rigidity
    • Stable brake performance in any condition
    • Brake Caliper for Postmount Brake
    • Optimized ergonomic 2-finger brake lever
    • One-Way bleeding
    • I-spec II compatible - securing the shift lever on the brake lever
    • Rotors SM-RT64, SM-RT66, SM-RT54, SM-RT56 are available separately!

    Product features

    • Use: MTB
    • Group: DEORE
    • Model: BR-M6000 (front+rear)
    • Brake type: Disc-Brake
    • Brake lever: BL-M6000
    • Lever length: 2-Finger
    • Mount: left + right
    • Clamp: open
    • Adjustable pressure point: No
    • Reach adjustment: Yes, with tool
    • Caliper: BR-M6000 (2-Piston)
    • Brake mounting: Postmount
    • Brake pads: G02S Resin
    • Brake hose: SM-BH90-SS
    • Brake hose lengths: front 1000mm + rear 1700mm (shortable)
    • Cable connection: Straight
    • One-Way bleeding: Yes
    • Brake fluid: Mineral oil
    • Recommended brake rotor: SM-RT64, SM-RT66, SM-RT54, SM-RT56


    • Lever: Aluminum Anodized
    • Caliper: Aluminum Painted


    • black


    • Front approx. 280g (without Rotor and Adapter)
    • Rear  approx. 295g (without Rotor and Adapter)

    Scope of delivery

    • 2 Brake levers DEORE BL-M6000 left + right
    • 2 Brake calipers DEORE BR-M6000 (2-Piston)
    • 2 Brake hoses SM-BH90-SS  1000mm + 1700mm long (shortable)
    • 2 Tube Joint Kits
    • 2 Brake pads G02S-Resin without Fin
    • 4 Screws for brake caliper
    • The brake hoses SM-BH90-SS are with mineraloil filled and pre-mountedon the calipers BR-M6000!
    Rotors and Adapters not included!

    For suitable Rotors >CLICK HERE<
    For suitable Adapters >CLICK HERE<
  • Evaluaciones
    I have 2 of these on my two bikes and I love them. It is real easy to break with these breaks and you can use just two fingers for light or hard breaking. Never tried better break models like Deore SLX or Deore XT but these Deore M6000 are light years away from models like Shimano MT200 or Tectro M285 which were original breaks on my bikes.
    Super Verarbeitung und Bremsleistung. Bremse konnte ich schnell einbauen und die Kabel vernünftig mit dem Zubehör kürzen. Entlüftung war kein Problem und die Bremsleistung ist für mich als Stadt-Radler völlig ausreichend.
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