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Casete XTR 10 velocidades CS-M980 11-36
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Casete XTR 10 velocidades CS-M980 11-36
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  • Descripción

    Shimano Casete XTR 10 velocidades CS-M980 11-36

    This 10-speed Dyna-Sys cassette combines stiffness with consistently smooth shifting performance and durability in an innovative lightweight package.

    It’s not only an extra gear…
    It’s about closer gear ratios for a smoother shifting performance and improved power transfer
    It’s about riding optimized gear combinations that improve efficiency and durability
    It’s all about performance: Dyna-Sys offers a more stable drivetrain for any type of rider!


    • Wide-Range 11- to 36-tooth 10-speed cassette
    • Refined tooth profile for HG-X chain and Shadow RD
    • 3-piece spider for stiffness under load
    • 5 titanium cogs

    The advantages of a closer ratio front drivetrain with wider range cassette sprockets:

    1. Increased efficiency
    A wider range 10-speed HG cassette means riders can spend more time in the 32T middle chain ring. And when they do have to drop to the granny, it’s a smoother, faster shift thanks to the more useable 24T inner chain ring. Also the 42T big-ring is easier to ride and smoother to get into so riders will use it more.
    Traditionally, riders have had to get used to making two or three recovery shifts in the rear every time they drop into the 22T granny. With Dyna-Sys, it’s just one recovery shift and it’s needed less often.
    Dyna-Sys makes shifting to the granny a seamless transition, letting riders deliver consistent, efficient power while maintaining cadence.

    2. Remarkable stability
    An all-new directional mountain bike specific 10-speed chain means smoother shifts, lighter weight and greater overall performance.
    Closer gear ratios mean smaller jumps in between gears, more efficient chain movement and less chance of dropping a chain in rough conditions.
    Tighter cable routing and shorter rear derailleur housing make the system less prone to contamination, trail chatter or suspension movement.


    UPC: 689228430198
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