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Selle SMP
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Selle SMP
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  • Descripción

    Selle SMP STRATOS Race

    The SMP saddle has revolutionized the way people think about bike saddles. The cyclist is at the centre of the project and ergonomic studies have analyzed his/her positions during the race and the interaction of the various body parts with the saddle.
    Uniform weight distribution on the gluteal muscles and the lower part of the pelvic bones. Shell nylon with carbon fiber reinforcement, upholstery: foam elastomers, leather cover, with embroidery

    Product features

    • Material: leather
    • Dimensions: 266mm x 131mm


    • black


    • 250 g

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x STRATOS MTB / Trekking saddle

    All the models in the SMP range have the same patented characteristics in common, such as the original beak of the saddle nose, designed to provide a flat base for the efforts while sitting during long climbs and as a relief during the descents, offering better control of the bike with the thighs.

    The particular shape of the SMP saddle is not only ergonomic; the original profile and its soft lines make it particularly elegant. A component that improves increasingly more sophisticated bikes.

    The length of the bars makes installation particularly easy on practically any combination of seat frame/upright.

    The central channel in the saddle is an uncommon characteristic because of its size: almost a whole hand can pass through it and it allows anus, prostate, pudendal veins, deep dorsal penis artery and vein, scrotum and testicles for men and small and large lips and clitoris for women, not to be squashed. Air can circulate also around the private parts and this prevents that unpleasant hot sensation.

    A cyclist sits on an SMP saddle with his/her glutei and the lower part of his/her pelvis (ischiatic tuberosities) and the position is determined by the shape of his/her bottom that, apart from preventing crushing the coccyx on rough terrain, allows soft standing and sitting from the back when the terrain requires it.

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