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Rema Tip Top
Repair kit TT 01
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Rema Tip Top
Repair kit TT 01
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  • Descripción

    Rema Tip Top Repair kit TT 01

    REMA TIP TOP offers a variety of bicycle repair kits for tube and tubeless tires. REMA TIP TOP's feather edge patches result in a smooth, seamless tube repair, designed to eliminate bulges on high-pressure tires.
    The innovative bike tube no-wait repair range combines the repair speed of self-adhesive patches with the durability of permanent rubber vulcanization. It possesses a very special feature – there is no need to wait until the SVS vulcanization fluid dries because the inner tube patch can be fitted immediately after the coat of fluid has been applied. There is no skin contact with the SVS vulcanization fluid and the repair of the inner tube is fast and clean. Get your personal copy asap!

    Scope of delivery

    • 4 Round tube patches
    • 1 Oval tube patch
    • 1 Tube of CFC-free cement
    • 1 Valve hose
    • 1 emery paper
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    Der Klassiker: Hat schon immer zuverlässig funktioniert und war die Rettung in der Not. Keine Radtour mehr ohne das gute alte TipTop Flickset!
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