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Render 10.0 HD Supreme
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Render 10.0 HD Supreme
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  • Descripción

    Radon Render 10.0 HD Supreme Doble Suspensión electrica

    "Making the best even better" - Our ultimate trail rocket RENDER 10.0 HD SUPREME heads into the 2021 season with the brand new Fox 36 Factory with FIT GRIP2 cartridge and Kashima coating, generates full 160mm travel and together with the Fox Float DPX2 Factory offers you outstanding performance on the trail.

    Highlights of the Render 10.0 HD Supreme

    For the 2021 season, we are again relying on the powerful fourth generation Bosch Performace CX motor with a torque of up to 85 Nm and a maximum pedal assistance of 340%. Four driving modes from eco to turbo as well as a perfect integration of the 625 Wh powertube battery mean long lasting trail pleasure! This year we have again been completely convinced of the shifting precision of the electronic SRAM Eagle AXS, which not only offers the most precise shifting performance, but together with the brand-new SRAM GX Eagle Lunar 10-52 tooth cassette also offers more bandwidth than ever before.

    Also new for this season: the unbeatable Maxxis Minion combination with DHF at the front and DHR II at the rear, both in the 3C MaxxTerra EXO+ version - grip to the max in every situation. The Magura MT7 brakes will bring you to a halt without a doubt . Four pistons at the front and rear as well as the stable MDR-P brake disc in 220/203mm offer you full braking power in demanding downhill passages. Have we forgotten anything? That's right: the noble DT Swiss HX 1501 Spline One wheels, a light Race Face Turbine R cockpit, Ergon grip-caliper combination and of course the newly introduced Fox Transfer Vario support with improved and flatter caliper mount - of course from the Factory Series with Kashima coating. The RENDER 10.0 HD SUPREME - as good as it gets!

    The Render Family

    RENDER is the latest horse in the RADON stable and it boasts high HP and continuous output. The new top-of-the-class has Bosch’s latest and most powerful engine, the performance line CX with its 85 Nm torque and maximum support of 340%. And this also lasts really long, because the RENDER downtube houses the large Powertube battery with a capacity of 625 Wh. This is beautifully integrated into the downtube, which also holds all the cables for the shifting system and the variable seatpost in a rail system. The front frame is made of carbon and is uniquely shaped with its wing-like connection of the top-tube and downtube, which also holds the shocks. The 150 mm range of spring at the front and 140 mm at the tail, together with the 29” wheels ensure enormously smooth running and safety, short chainstays and sophisticated geometry keep RENDER very agile and manoeuvrable. The central seat position allows plenty of control over the bike and invites you to go on epic tours. RENDER your ride.

    The Render Frame

    The RENDER frame is just as much a visual delight as a home for all kinds of technical refinements. For example, the carbon front frame has a connecting bridge between the top tube and downtube, which as a design element is reminiscent of a wing and technically increases rigidity and at the same time acts as a holder for the shock. The shock extension on the other side also acts at the same time as part of the rocker and thus delivers the unique kinematics and also contributes to the very high stability of the chainstays. The 625 Wh battery sits integrated into the downtube in a cartridge, which guarantees the seat stays steady and also guides the internally laid cables laterally and thus ensures order and a lack of rattling. A removable plastic cap seals the downtube and makes it possible to remove the battery when necessary. This is not necessary for charging however, because the frame possesses an external charging socket in the seat tube. Built into the headset is the block lock, an arrangement that prevents the fork from smashing into the frame in the event of a fall. The RENDER has a 150/160mm range of spring at the front and 140 mm at the tail and accepts tyres up to 2.6” wide.

    The all new RADON RENDER E-MTB

    System weight max: 135 kg (body weight + bike + equipment)
    Please note that pedals are not included!

    Bosch Kiox Informations

    Bosch eMTB Technology

    Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 2020

    48% smaller, about 25% lighter, 85 Nm maximum torque with a maximum support of 340 % – these are the key data of the new Bosch Performance Line CX motor for the new e-bikes starting from model year 2020. Thanks to a more compact and lighter housing, the motor offers bicycle manufacturers new possibilities, such as shorter chainstays for a more agile handling of eMTBs. It’s also easier to integrate can also be used with larger chainrings. Another major innovation is the decoupling of the motor above the 25 km/h assistance limit – Bosch has finally eliminated a major point of criticism here, providing more riding pleasure at high speeds.

    No path too steep, no challenge too great: the new Performance Line CX is made for anyone for whom the trail is a second home. The most powerful drive from Bosch for ambitious riders is particularly lightweight, compact and at the same time extremely powerful and efficient. eMTB mode will always give you the power you need at precisely the right moment. The Performance Line CX accelerates extremely powerfully, responds without delay and features convincing agile handling and even more control. With up to 340% of perfectly delivered support, it pushes the joy of eMountain biking to the next level.

    Technical specifications, derailleur system

    • With gear shift detection
    • Maximum assistance speed: 25 km/h
    • Torque: 85 Nm

    Riding modes of the Bosch eBike System

    • Turbo:
      • Direct and maximum powerful support up to the highest pedalling rates for sports riding.
      • Support level: 340%
    • eMTB:
      • The eMTB mode dynamically varies between the Tour and Turbo riding modes, progressive motor support for maximum performance on the trail.
      • Support level: 140% - 340%
    • Tour:
      • Uniform support for long stretches, with clear focus on long ranges.
      • Support level: 140%
    • Eco:
      • Effective, but gentle support, designed for maximum efficiency for long ranges.
      • Support level: 60%

    Advantages of the Bosch Performance Line CX engine

    Outstanding motor control
    The multi-sensor concept enables a dynamic and responsive drive unit for precise acceleration and a unique trail experience.

    Direct power transmission
    Powerful riding performance right from the start and constant power delivery over a very wide cadence range.

    Natural riding sensation
    The new gearbox concept significantly reduces pedalling resistance when the drive is switched off and at over 25 km/h.

    Compact construction
    Optimum integration thanks to a 48 % reduction in size and a weight of just 2.9 kg.

    Complete control
    eMTB mode with progressive motor support adapts to the riding style on trails.

    Extremely robust
    Meets the highest eMTB requirements and will withstand extreme loads.

    Perfect combination
    eMTB mode, powerful walk assistance and support for short cranks.

    Precise acceleration
    For a unique trail experience.

    Efficient use of energy
    Optimum efficiency of motor and gearbox in order to conquer long, steep climbs.

    Always full performance
    Ideal for fast intermediate sprints and crisp changes of tempo.

    For low-noise riding with high engine power at all cadences.

    Bosch eMTB mode - especially for eMountainbikers

    The eMTB mode can switch between Tour and Turbo riding modes. Depending on the pedal pressure and with a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to your individual riding style. Without changing riding mode, the motor always provides support at the ideal power level, even at low cadences. eMTB mode will always give you the power you need at precisely the right moment.

    Improved start-up behaviour guarantees optimal support in all terrains and on any trail. Starting on steep slopes and off-road riding are made significantly easier, as traction is significantly improved. This provides for a natural riding sensation and maximum performance on the trail.

    No trigger for ultimate Uphill Flow! Completely without shifting gears the engine supports slight cadences constantly with ideal performance. Starting on steep slopes is problem free and off-road riding is made significantly easier. This provides for a natural riding sensation and maximum performance on the trail.

    Bosch PowerTube

    Bosch batteries are an efficient, long-life energy source. Thanks to their enormous mileage, long service life and intelligent battery management system, Bosch lithium-ion batteries are among the most modern on the market. Bosch eBike rechargeable batteries combine low weight with ergonomic design and simple handling. The Battery Management System of the high-quality lithium-ion batteries detects potential sources of error and protects cells from overloading.

    Bosch PowerTubes have the power to drive any ride and, thanks to their compact size and minimalist design, can be integrated with the eBike to ideal effect. There are two options for installing the battery: horizontal or vertical. New this year: PowerTube 400 and PowerTube 625. The sophisticated technology of the lithium-ion batteries that can be integrated within the frame ensures carefree riding enjoyment, while a safety catch prevents the battery from falling out even on challenging terrain. Nevertheless, the batteries can be removed with ease.

    Advantages of Bosch PowerTube E-Bike batteries

    Outstanding battery efficiency
    For maximum riding pleasure, lithium-ion PowerPacks demonstrably have maximum energy density with the smallest size and lowest weight on the market.

    Simple to store and quick to charge
    Modern Bosch lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect or self-discharge issues. Your battery will charge to 50% in about 2 hours, depending on the charger and PowerPack.

    Ergonomic handling
    It’s easy to remove and charge at home. The PowerPacks can also be conveniently charged directly on the bike.

    No memory effect
    Bosch batteries with lithium-ion cells can be charged quickly irrespective of your charge level at any time. Interruptions of the charging process do not harm the battery. Complete discharge is not required.

    Extremely low self-discharge
    Even after long periods of storage, e.g. over winter, the battery can be used without recharging. This means Bosch rechargeable batteries do not need to be recharged after a long break in use. For longer storage, a charge status of approx. 30 to 60% is recommended.

    Long service life
    Bosch batteries are designed for lots of trips, miles and years of service. The intelligent, electronic Bosch Battery Management System (BMS) protects lithium-ion batteries from extreme temperatures, overcharging, and excessive discharge.

    Bosch PowerTube 625

    What more could you want? The PowerTube 625 lets you enjoy long and mountainous rides, while still reserving plenty of energy for every adventure. Thanks to a rated capacity of 17.4 Ah and approx. 625 Wh energy content, the lithium-ion battery brings maximum ranges and altitudes within your grasp. The well-secured PowerTube 625 will not fall out of its housing, even on demanding terrain. But is still easily removed.

    Technical Details
    • Mounting type: In the frame
    • Voltage (V): 36 V
    • Capacity (Ah): 17.4 Ah
    • Energy content (Wh): 625 Wh
    • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

    Charging speed Bosch PowerTube 625

    Compact Charger Standard Charger Fast Charger
    50 % charge 4.2 h 2.1 h 1.4 h
    100 % charge 8.8 h 4.9 h 3.7 h

    Mehr Informationen

  • Especificaciones


    Cuadro RENDER HYBRID, Max. width tire: 2.6"
    Material del cuadro Carbon front frame, aluminium rear frame
    Tamaño de las ruedas 29"
    Color stealthgrey / deepblack
    Horquilla Fox 36 Factory, FIT GRIP2, Kashima, E-Tune, Boost, Rake: 44mm
    Recorrido 160mm / 140mm
    Amortiguador Fox Float DPX2 Factory, EVOL LV, Size: 210 x 55mm, Bushing Size: Body 8 x 30mm, Shaft: DU-Bushing 12.7mm
    Frenos Magura MT7
    Discos de freno Magura MDR-P, 220/203mm, 6-bolt
    Juego de dirección Acros Block-Lock, ZS56/ZS56
    Potencia Race Face Turbine R, 35 x 40mm
    Manillar Race Face Turbine R, 35 x 800mm, 35mm rise
    Puños Ergon GD10 Factory
    Sillín Ergon SM10 E-Mountain Sport Men
    Tija de sillín Fox Transfer Factory, Kashima, 31.6mm (M/125mm Hub, L/150mm Hub, XL/150mm Hub)
    Bielas e*thirteen Plus e*spec, SRAM Eagle Chainring, 34T, 165mm
    Cambio trasero SRAM X01 Eagle AXS, 12-speed
    Manetas de cambio SRAM AXS Eagle, Shiftmix
    Guía de cadena e*thirteen e*spec Plus
    Cassette SRAM GX Eagle Lunar XG-1275, 10-52
    Cadena SRAM GX Eagle
    Cubierta delantera Maxxis Minion DHF 3C Maxxterra, EXO+, TR, 29" x 2.5" WT
    Cubierta trasera Maxxis Minion DHR II 3C Maxxterra, EXO+, TR, 29" x 2.4" WT
    Juego de ruedas DT Swiss HX1501 Spline 29, 30mm, 110/148mm
    Display Bosch Kiox
    Batería Bosch Powertube 625Wh
    Cargador Bosch Standard Charger 4A
    Motor Bosch Performance Line CX Generation 4
    Pedales no incluidos
    Peso total máximo permitido 135 kg (peso corporal + bicicleta + equipamiento)
    Peso a partir de 23,10 kg
  • Evaluaciones
    Da ich noch nie ein Rad bei HS bestellt hatte war ich sehr gespannt und es hat wie immer alles super funtioniert. Von der Bestellung über die informationen per Mail bis hin zur Lieferung. Rad aus Karton geholt, Lenker gerade gestellt, Pedale dran geschraubt und los konnte es gehen. Auch das Rad selbst hat meine Erwartungen voll erfüllt. TOP !!
    Einfach N U R Geil!!
    Ich bin seit 2018 begeisterter Radon Fahrer. Die Preis-/Leistung ist in meinen Augen sensationell und die Komponenten sprechen denke ich für sich selbst. Es macht einfach nur Spaß dieses Bike & und auch mein vorheriges 10.0 hat mir nie Probleme gemacht. Klasse! Danke Radon :-)
    Came from a Cube Stereo 140 to this and I'm really happy. Great build, spec and price.
    Das Radon hat mir direckt zugesagt als ich es gesehen habe. Das ist mein 2 ebike voher bin ich ein Cube gefahren womit ich bis heute voll zufriden bin aber trotzdem wolle ich mehr bzw ein besseres bike und mit dem Radon habe ich alles richtig gemacht preis leistung top. Danke Radon ^^
    Dies ist mein erstes MTB von Radon, auch mein erstes eBike - ich habe aber schon Bikes von anderen Versendern besessen bzw. besitze diese auch noch. Das Render läßt nicht viel zu wünschen übrig, die Austattung ist solide, in vielerei, aber nicht jeder Hinsicht top ausgestattet - mehr geht ja fast immer ;) Einzig störend an dem sonst sehr guten Bike ist die Abdeckung des Akkus am Unterrohr, die viel zu fummelig gestaltet ist. Das ist wirklich nicht praktikabel, wenn man den Akku (aktuell schon wegen der Kälte) entnehmen will. Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis ist jedoch in Summe wirklich gut, verglichen mit "ähnlichen" Bikes anderer Marken (ganz identisch sind Bikes ja nie...). Fehlende Teile (bspw. Tublessventile, Fixierschraube für des Kiox etc) hat BD schnell und kostenlos nachgeliefert - top! Trotzdem gibt's bspw. keine Volume-Spacer für die Fox-Gabel (die sonst den Gabeln beiliegen). Einzig der nach wenigen Kilometern während einer der ersten Fahrten durch die Stadt zwecks Setup/Funktionstest abgefallene linke Kurbelarm (samt Pedale) läßt mich etwas zweifeln - normalerweise sitzen die Arme "bombenfest" und sind nur mit einem Abzieher zu lösen. BD hat jedoch nicht gezögert und sofort kostenlos Ersatz gesendet.
    Con el fin de evaluar un artículo, por favor, primero ingrese en cuenta.

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