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High Modulus Protection Frame
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High Modulus Protection Frame
9,90 €
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No. artículo: 20018946
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  • Descripción

    Radon High Modulus Protection Frame

    This frame protection kit protects the frame against damage by the chain or rubbing cables.


    • Suitable for all frames (carbon, aluminum, steel)
    • Transparent
    • Especially weatherproof and UV-resilient for highest demand and stress
    • Removable without leaving marks

    Product features

    • Material: PU X2 - self-adhesive hard wearing foil
    • Thickness: 1.1mm
    • 1 Chainstay protection 230 x 32mm
    • 1 Protector 92 x 92mm
    • 5 Protectors round 30mm
    • 5 Protectors oval 50 x 20mm


    • transparent

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 High Modulus Protection Frame
  • Evaluaciones
    It's ok, not wow, they stick really well, on the stays, but I had a cable that rubber really hard on the frame, and the stickers kept getting off, I used all the small ones on the same spot, with no result. The stay protector on the other hand did it's job really well an it actually still does. Oh, an when you unstick them, a pretty annoying layer of glue remains on the frame, and I had a lot of work with it. The shipping was fine. The 3 stars are for the glue that remains, and the stickers that kept unsticking.
    Die Folie ist dick und klebt gut. Sie erfüllt ihren Zweck gut. Leider wird sie nach einiger Zeit gelb. Auf einem hellen Rahmen gefällt mir das nicht. Und die Klebeschicht zu entfernen war richtig schwierig.
    Gute Qualität, dicke Folie.
    Very flexible material. Good quality. Protects frame from cable rub. Not hard enough to use as a chain protector on a mountain bike. Tip: Apply protector with clean fingers or else your oily fingerprints will be visible ;°)
    All o.k. very fast shipping
    Top Produkt !!! zum TOP preis
    Hab in den letzen Jahren schon viel probiert, seit letzter Woche High Modulus. Mit Abstand,für mich, das "Beste" Set.
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