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Comp Mini Torque Wrench Kit 1/4" 2-10 Nm incl. Bits
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Comp Mini Torque Wrench Kit 1/4" 2-10 Nm incl. Bits
17,90 €
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  • Descripción

    Radon Comp Mini Torque Wrench Kit 1/4" 2-10 Nm incl. Bits

    New design torque wrench features easy operation and portable. It designed for checking and tightening the bolts on frame and components at the safe value.

    Radon equips your bike workshop

    Torque wrenches are precision tools that allow bolted connections to be tightened with exactly the force recommended or specified by the manufacturer. Especially for frames and add-on parts made of carbon, the correct torque, which is given in newton meters (Nm), must be observed. However, the correct tightening torque also ensures that the bolted connection is not overstressed for all other materials.

    Product features - Comp Mini Torque Wrench

    • Triggering torque: right (clearly audible and perceptible signal when reaching the set torque)
    • Torque: 2-10 Nm
    • Socket: 1/4"

    Bit Slection

    • Hex:
      • 3mm
      • 4mm
      • 5mm
      • 6mm
      • 8mm
      • 10mm
    • TRX-Star:
      • T10
      • T25
      • T30

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Comp Mini Torque Wrench 1/4" 2-10 Nm
    • 1 x Bit Selection
    • 1 x Transport Bag

    Radon Comp: high-quality bicycle tools

    Bicycle tools are specialized tools — and do not have to be expensive in decent quality. Radon Comp offers reliable and robust tools for use on bicycles of all types. Radon Comp tools are designed for the ambitious home mechanic and perform best at occasional to regular but not continuous use.

  • Evaluaciones
    I have been using this tool a lot during the past two years to remove and mount discs, seatpost, handlebar, brake calipers, etc when travelling and worked perfectly. I never had any problem and discs were perfectly set up.
    Pratique et pas cher, indispensable.
    Preis und Leistung stimmen, wer mehr braucht kauft hier im Shop Toptul 2-25 Nm, Profiwerkzeug für anspruchsvolle Schrauber!!
    Naja, sehr einfach Lösung.... aber dafür leicht und kompakt.
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