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Modi low friction Scraper Set 36mm (FOX - X Fusion)
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Modi low friction Scraper Set 36mm (FOX - X Fusion)
26.81 €
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  • Descripción

    Racingbros Modi low friction Scraper Set 36mm (FOX - X Fusion)

    More performance at a better price.


    • Hybrid mixture: The peculiarity of this scraper is on the addition of MoS2, graphite and PTFE in the Lycran material. This enables a very low breakaway torque is achieved, which improves the response of the fork.
    • One-piece construction: The one-piece wiper performance modes of Racingbros unite dust seal and oil seal in one component. This they hold, as compared to conventional two-piece seals where a higher system pressure of up to 20 kg / cm. The oil inside the fork is held reliably be kept away from the inside of the fork in the system while dirt, mud or sand.
    • Long shelf life: both in long-term test of 20,000 suspensions under spraying mud, sand, water and ice as well as Numerous test pilots during the development phase, the high quality has shown:
      • completely waterproof and UV-resistant
      • Working Temperature of -25 ° -80 ° Celsius
    • Best Value for money: Compared to the aftermarket fork seals manufacturer cheaper.

    These seals are suitable for the following models with 36mm fork stanchions:

    • FOX 36 VAN
    • FOX 36 VAN R
    • FOX 36 VAN RC2
    • FOX 36 VAN R Performance
    • FOX 36 Talas
    • FOX 36 Talas R
    • FOX 36 Talas RC2
    • FOX 36 Talas 180

    • X-Fusion Vengeance
    • X-Fusion Vengeance R
    • X-Fusion Vengeance HLR

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x Wiper Set 36 mm
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