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Anti Pinchazo naranja 37-54x559
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Anti Pinchazo naranja 37-54x559
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    Proline Anti Pinchazo naranja 37-54x559

    The Anti Platt tube protection is made of a highly flexible and tough polymer which is the ideal additon to every tyre. Foreign bodies which easily get into the outer tyre are tappered by the Anti Platt which is restistant to cut and perforations and so prevents a certain puncture.

    Because of its high flexibility, contoured shape and chamferred ends, Anti Platt forms a homogeneous unit with the tyre which ensures smooth running in use.

    Anti Platt has the great adavantage over tube protectionn stripes permanently vulcanized in the tyre in that it can be re-used as often as desired. Without adhesive it fits in all standard tyres.and cann be fitted in minutes.


    • Protection against nails, pieces of glass, splinters, thorns etc. to prevent puntures.
    • Extends the life of inner tube and tyre
    • Can be used again  and again for years
    • Can be used without problems with all standard tyre types
    • Easy to fit without glue!
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