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Re-Hydrating Disc Brake Cleaner 400 ml
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Re-Hydrating Disc Brake Cleaner 400 ml
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  • Descripción

    Muc-Off Re-Hydrating Disc Brake Cleaner 400 ml

    Developed and tested using world class riders as test pilots, Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner has been specifically developed for fast and effective cleaning of all disc brakes at the highest levels of competiton.
    Our Disc Brake Cleaner can improve braking performance by rapidly removing brake dust, brake oil, dirt and grime from all braking parts. Our unique formula has added conditioners that re-hydrate the disc brake pad to dramatically reduce brake squeal, prolong the disc pad life and restore braking performance. Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner rapidly air dries leaving no residue. It is safe on rubber, plastic, anodized metals, carbon fibre and painted surfaces.

    Product features

    • Improves braking performance
    • Treats pads and rotors to reduce brake squeal
    • Prolongs disc pad and rotor life
    • Rapidly removes oil, grease, brake fluid and grime
    • Rehydrating formula to preserve braking components
    • Volume: 400ml

    Cleaning Guide
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    Prodotto ottimo....pulisce le pastiglie dai residui di sporco ed olio. Consigliato!!
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