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C3 Dry Ceramic Lube 120ml
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C3 Dry Ceramic Lube 120ml
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  • Descripción

    Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube 120ml

    Our C3 Ceramic Dry Lube is the first of its kind with Boron Nitride Compounds and Fluoropolymers.

    A proprietary formulation containing integral Boron Nitride Compounds, Fluoropolymers & Nano Ceramics for the ultimate low friction drive chain. Welcome to the future.

    • Creates a dry ceramic coating for increased durability and performance in dry conditions
    • Contains Boron Nitride and Flouropolymers
    • Nano Ceramic additives provide unparalleled lubrication for ultra-low friction and greater performance
    • Dust repellant qualities ensure excellent performance in dusty, dry conditions
    • Biodegradable and Petroleum free
    • Ideal for road, cyclocross, triathlon, MTB and track racing

    C3 Dry Ceramic Lube raises the bar when it comes to providing the ultimate lubrication. It provides total corrosion protection and unparalleled performance in dry, dusty and damp conditions. With added nano ceramic particles and synthetic polymers, C3 Dry Ceramic Lube maximises your power output by reducing metal to metal contact to a ground breaking, low level and provides up to 10 times the performance of conventional oils and lubes.

    We know that seeing is believing. That’s why we went that extra mile and included an integral 'tracer' into our C3 Dry Ceramic Lube so you always get the most accurate application and total protection for your drive chain. This ensures that every link is penetrated and coated with lube for maximum performance and chain protection. We know C3 Dry Ceramic Lube sounds pretty tech, but it’s perfect for pros and serious amateurs alike.

    The Muc-Off R&D team definitely didn’t cut corners when they brought the future of bike lubes to the market. In fact, our team made sure the C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is safe by creating a biodegradable, petroleum free formula so you don’t have to worry about yourself, your bike or the planet.

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  • Evaluaciones
    C3 Dry Ceramic schmiert hervorragend bildet dabei jedoch keinen klebrigen Film. Staub haftet so nicht an.Die Kette läuft schön leise. Das Mittel ist weder zu dünn-, noch zu dickflüssig und lässt sich somit sehr gut auf die Kette auftragen. Tatsächlich hilft das beiliegende kleine UV Lämpchen zur Kontrolle, ob man das Öl gleichmäßig verteilt hat. Ich werde es mir zukünftig wieder kaufen.
    Für trockene Konditionen erfüllt es ganzklar den Zweck, im Nassen erreicht es schnell seine Grenzen. Kette ist bzw. bleibt schön sauber, jede 2-3 Fahrt/~7-10h Fahrzeit muss wieder geölt werden
    I've been using muc off (dry) chain lubes for 5 years, but now tried this one and all I can say is this one is the best. It even smels good.
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