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Alpha Helmet Lamp 7200 Lumen with Bluetooth
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Alpha Helmet Lamp 7200 Lumen with Bluetooth
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  • Descripción

    Lupine Alpha Helmet Lamp 7200 Lumen with Bluetooth hasta 8000 lúmenes

    The Lupine Alpha 7200 with Bluetooth is no less than the most powerful helmet lamp for racing ever built by Lupine. A full 7200 lumens, perfect illumination and an enormous range of up to 840 meters make your bike the ultimate nightly racing machine.

    Features - Alpha

    • FL1 Standard - IP 68 (Water Resistance) and IK09 (Impact Resistance): Our Alpha meets high industry standards. The FL1 standard is an ANSI/NEMA standard to make product specifications of different lamp manufacturers comparable.
    • Pure performance - Whether in front of the front wheel or several hundred meters away: with the Alpha you can really see every detail on your trail. The Alpha combines 3 different lens types to a perfect light image tailored to the racing application. Two 22° lenses in combination with two ultra-wide angle lenses provide unprecedented close-range illumination. Four 18° lenses focus part of the light and create a range that puts any comparable lamp in the shade.
    • Reduced to the essentials - where there is light, there is heat. To optimize the cooling of the alpha, the button moves to the underside of the lamp head. In combination with the one-sided mounting method, space was created for more cooling fins and the heat management was adapted to the high performance.
    • Bluetooth Remote Control - The new Alpha's 2-button Bluetooth remote control makes it even easier to switch between light levels. You shift back and forth between the light levels in a flash, similar to a gear shift.
    • LED Bar - The Alpha has an extra large, colored LED status bar for displaying the light levels and functions, so you can see immediately at which level your lamp is burning, even during the fastest passages.
    • Daytime running light function - Sometimes you just don't want to be overlooked and save power at the same time: In this case you simply use the daytime running light function integrated in the Alpha.
    • Lupine Light Control 2.0 - The app of the new Alpha offers many possibilities: You set your light levels and special functions as you like. You save your settings, create custom profiles for your activities and simply reuse them when you need them again.
    • Assembly - You mount the Alpha with a quick release directly in front of your stem. Thanks to the unique sled system, you can adjust the distance to the stem to a minimum and place your lamp perfectly centred on the handlebars.
    • Battery - The battery of the Alpha has been specially designed for the high performance values: Software and hardware of the control board have been optimized. In addition, the capacity display now shines in blue.
    • Alpha vs. Betty - Is the Alpha better than a Betty now? From 25 years of experience we can answer this question very simply: Yes! The Alpha feels much brighter and, thanks to its specially designed light pattern, is much better suited for fast rides on a bike/MTB.

    Product features

    • Light levels: 70W, 30W, 10W, 3W
    • Special steps: daytime running light function
    • Battery: 4.4V: 6.9Ah
    Hardcase & SmartCore Battery Alpha 6.9 Ah
    • Battery: 14.4V: 6.9Ah
    • Watts Hours: 99Wh
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 146 x 41 x 48mm
    • Charging time: 4:30 hours
    • Recommended for: alpha
    • High current capability: 12C
    • Smartcore Technology: Advanced Battery Management
    • Lexan keypad: with 5 blue LEDs
    • Capacity display: 10% exactly via 5 blue LEDs
    • Rear light function: No
    • Chaser function: No
    • Balancing function: CV (constant voltage)
    • Calibration function: via Lexan keypad (connected to charger)
    • Acoustic signal: 60dB
    • Microprocessor: 14-bit RISC
    • PCB: Reversible shutdown in case of short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage
    Lighting time Alpha
    • Running time 70 W / 7200 Lumens: 1:20 hours
    • Running time 50 W / 5500 Lumens: 2:00 hours
    • Running time 30 W / 4000 Lumens: 3:15 hours
    • Running time 20 W / 2900 Lumens: 5 hours
    • Running time 10 W / 1500 Lumens: 10 hours
    • Running time 5 W / 800 Lumens: 20 hours
    • Running time 3 W / 500 Lumens: 33 hours
    Lamphead Alpha 7200 Lumen - 70W
    • Bluetooth technology: yes
    • Bluetooth remote control: 2 buttons
    • Material: NC-milled, aluminium 6061-T6, shot-peened, hard-anodized
    • Protection class: IP 68 (watertightness), IK 09 (impact resistance)
    • Lens: Multi-Lens System 22° / 18° / 180
    • Illuminant: 8 x Cree XM-L2, 8x XQE HI
    • LED board: Copper
    • Color temperature: 6000K(5% tolerance)
    • Microprocessor: 14-bit RISC ( 4x PLL )
    • Converter clock rate: 50KHz
    • Processor clock: 32MHz
    • Conductor path structure: Smaller than 0.3 mm
    • Temperature management: real time
    • Ambient temperature: -30°C to +70°C
    • Reserve tank: depending on battery and usage requirements

    Size (choose variant)

    • Quick release diameter: 31,8mm
    • Quick release diameter: 35mm


    • black

    Scope of delivery

    • Lamphead Alpha
    • Bluetooth remote
    • Peppi V5
    • 6.9 Ah SmartCore battery
    • FrontClick helmetmount
    • Alpha helmetarm (single sided mount)
    • Charger One Alpha
    • Velcro short
    • Velcro long
    • 120 cm extension
    • Manual

    Dimmlevel 7200 Lumens

    Lupine Alpha at Dimmlevel 7200 Lumens
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