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S-Track Cage Composite
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S-Track Cage Composite
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  • Descripción

    Look S-Track Cage Composite

    The Cage, compatible with all the S-Track range of pedals, increases the bearing surface significantly, ensuring enhanced control and maximum safety in technical or steep sections.

    In this configuration, the S-Track pedal with the Cage meets the requirements of a large range of activities, from All Mountain to Enduro. With the Cage you will also be able to use your S-Track pedal easily, with no need for an automatic fixing, for off-road touring.

    870MM2 OF SURFACE AREA The S-Track fitted with the Cage provides a surface area of 870mm2 for the maximum pedal/shoe contact, regardless of your position. With its anti-slip surfaces and large surface, this version gives confidence and safety in technical singletracks.

    EASY TO FIT The S-Track Cage was designed to be fitted or removed in a few seconds, with only four screws per pedal. Procedure: Mistake-proof markings (L for left and R for right) will prevent you fitting the cage the wrong way round, so that it is in contact with the deflector. Fit the two halves of the cage on each side of the pedal body and clip them together with the small pins. Insert the 4 screws to hold the two halves together and tighten to the recommended torque. LT Cage : self-tapping cruciform head screws Advantages: You will obtain an increased surface area - 870 mm 2 - to attack singletracks and technical descents in complete safety due to better control and higher stability.

    • Easy to fit
    • Adaptable to all the S-Track range
    • Increases the surface area for improved control
    • Non-slip and confidence-enhancing
    • 870 mm² of surface area
    • Composite cage
    • Weight: 74g per pair with screws
    • Color: black

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