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Tech 3 V4 Brake Steel Braided Rear Right
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Tech 3 V4 Brake Steel Braided Rear Right
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  • Descripción

    Hope Tech 3 V4 Brake Steel Braided Rear Right

    The Tech 3 master cylinder can operate all the calipers from our range and offers a slight increase of power of about 5% over the Tech Evo.
    Some riders have previously commented on the relative bulkiness of the Tech and Tech Evo master cylinders, sometimes making it hard to fit the master cylinder around already clogged up handlebars (shifters, fork and shock lockouts, telescopic seat post controls etc). We have worked hard to make the new Tech 3 master cylinder easier to integrate on the bars although it does entail losing the ambidextrous design. The Tech 3 master cylinder is now directly compatible with any Shimano I-Spec type shifter meaning no extra mount is required to attach the shifter to the master cylinder. For those using SRAM shifters we have designed a slick and minimalistic direct mount adaptor.

    Revised one piece caliper, CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminium alloy.Increased caliper stiffness for better efficiency as well as increased pad surface area for better heat management and pad life. The new V4 as a complete unit inc rotor is lighter than the previous V2 model.

    Available with a floating rotor or our unique VENTED disc. The vented option can reduce surface temperatures by over 15%, making it perfect for long Alpine descents or where fade is a problem through overheating.

    Tech 3 V4 - Specification
    • 'On the fly' BPC (bite point control) and Reach adjustment
    • Direct compatibility with Shimano I-Spec shifter
    • Direct mount available for SRAM shifters
    • 5% power increase over TECH Evo master cylinder
    • Handed master cylinders for better integration on the handlebars
    • New piston dust cover design
    • New reservoir diaphragm design
    • CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England
    • 9.74 caliper with all mount options
    • 2014 T6 aluminium alloy
    • Wide angle hose connector mount
    • Top entry pad fitting
    • Floating or Vented (203mm only) rotor
    • Goodridge braided hose
    Weight from 546g

    Scope of delivery: 1 x Brake Lever right; 1 x Brake caliper; 1 x  Steel braided hose 1700mm long; 1 x Olive, 1 x Insertpin, 1 x Brake pads; 2 x screw for brake caliper, Disc brake is completely assembled and bleeded.

    Rotor and Adapter not included!
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