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Lubricante de cadena Alpencross 25ml
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Lubricante de cadena Alpencross 25ml
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  • Descripción

    Dynamic Lubricante de cadena Alpencross 25ml

    This modern, synthetic chain oil is a lubricant which was especially developed for extreme conditions of the bike chain.
    This oil sets standards in its pressure resistance (pressure as per Brugger-standard 90 N/mm2). Thanks to its strong adhesive force it has an excellent post creep behaviour on metal surfaces. Thus, there is always enough lubricant on the movable parts and less wearing in the chain joint occurs. The high creeping strength prolongs considerably the time of relubrication. In view of its low viscosity and precise dosing head, it can be used economically and does not resinify.

    • Use:
      • Chain
      • Lube intervall: 300 km
      • Pressure restistance: 90 N/mm2 (Brugger-Norm)
      • Resistance against water: good
      • corrosion protection: gut
      • Viskosity: runny ( 20°C)
      • coefficient of friction: very low
      • Syringe for precise, economical application

    Scope of delivery: 25ml Chain Lube
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