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Dr. Wack
F100 Chaim-Oil 100ml
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Dr. Wack
F100 Chaim-Oil 100ml
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  • Descripción

    Dr. Wack F100 Chaim-Oil 100ml

    Extremely smooth running of all moveable parts

    The chain and other moving parts of mountain bikes, racing bikes etc. are often very stressed. There are also environmental conditions such as Rain and dirt that reduce the ease of moving parts and accelerate wear and corrosion.


    • noticeably reduces friction and thus enables very smooth running
    • of the chain and improved response properties of the spring elements
    • outstanding corrosion and wear and tear protection when cycling in the rain
    • significantly prolongs lifecycle of chain, suspension fork etc.
    • excellent penetrating properties
    • long-lasting adhesiveness even when exposed to much stress
    • very resistant to being washed off (in the rain)
    • suitable for all parts that get lubricated such as chain, cartridge, suspension fork, damper, bowden cables etc.


    • Shake can well before use. F100 chain oil on the inside of the clean, dry chain thin spray on and allow to dry for about 5 minutes. Then wipe off excess oil with a dry cloth.
    Note: Before use, clean the chain with F100 chain cleaner. Do not use on brake discs and linings, tires and saddles.
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