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Super Record 2x11-speed Ergopower™ Brake Lever Set
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Super Record 2x11-speed Ergopower™ Brake Lever Set
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  • Descripción

    Campagnolo Super Record 2x11-speed Ergopower™ Brake Lever Set

    Dominate your bike at every turn, relax on the long straights, and prepare for the final sprint.
    Whatever your racing position, Ergopower™ controls, with the exclusive Campagnolo® mechanism allows you to shift up 3 sprockets at a time and down 5 sprockets. Make every movement natural, fast and precise. The Super Record™ series Ergopower™ Ultra-Shift™ controls, now also available with red or white hoods, are the top product in terms of technology applied to ergonomics ? all to the advantage of safety, speed and precision in using the controls. Your every wish is a command.


    • NEW MATERIAL OF THE CONTROL BODY The new material makes the Ergopower™ controls both extremely light and resistant to impact
    • TITANIUM FINISHING Less weight
    • INSERT FOR LARGER HANDS Safer and more comfort for cyclists with larger hands
    • BEARING MECHANISM Longer life and operating precision
    • ULTRA-SHIFT™ ERGONOMICS Safe grip on handlebars in all positions and faster, more precise command on levers
    • NEW VARI-CUSHION™ HOOD Brake lever hoods with variable density and surface finishes natural silicone material with differentiated areas to follow the grip of the 1st and 2nd finger. The grooved areas drain away water, keeping the brake lever hoods dry and improving grip. Internal weave to create a variable thickness that guarantees maximum possible comfort
    • DOUBLE CURVATURE BRAKE LEVER Allows you to engage and modulate the brake safely from any hand position
    • ULTRA SHIFT MECHANISM WITH DIFFERENTIATED MAXIMUM NUMBER OF UPSHIFTING CLICKS DEPENDING ON THE STARTING SPROCKET the only mechanical groupset on the market that allows multiple shifting (up to 5 sprockets). Rapid positioning on the combination desired when there is a steep increase in the slope or when approaching a bend (up to 4 combinations with chain on the frst 4 sprockets, up to 3 combinations with chain above the fourth sprocket)
    • DERAILLEUR CABLE ADJUSTING BARREL Enables the tension of the derailleur cable to be adjusted perfectly, slashing adjustment time

    Product features

    • Use: Road
    • Group: Super Record
    • Compatibility: Standard and Compact (CT) 2x11-speed crank
    • Mount: left/right
    • Gear front: 2-speed
    • Gear rear: 11-speed
    • Compatible Brakes: Caliper brakes


    • Body: Composite
    • Lever: Carbon
    • Hoods: Silcone (Vari-Cushion™)


    • 342g (pair manufacturer information)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Super Record 2x11-speed Ergopower™ Control Lever Set
    • 2 Gear Wires + Gear Cables
    • 2 Brake Wire + Brake Cables


    The shape of the body conforms to your hands perfectly. The body of the control reproduces exactly the asymmetry of the human hand. This increases the contact with the palm and allows for various riding positions, ensuring maximum safety in all riding positions. 

    The shape allows you to easily reach the levers, regardless of your riding position and the size of your hands. The studies conducted on the position of cyclists' hands, showed three different steering positions depending on the course and the steering style. Based on these studies, Campagnolo® created the particular and exclusive form of the Ergopower™ controls that enable you to steer with safety and comfort. In addition, the special insert for large hands increases the distance of the levers by 8%,creating sufficient space for braking and shifting, always with the maximum safety. The Vari-Cushion™ system is the shock absorber that envelops the body of the controls. The particular geometry of the hoods made of material of variable density, stretchy and hypoallergenic, absorbs vibrations, enabling you to stay in the saddle for many hours without hand fatigue.

    Multi-Dome Technology
    A set of aluminium domes which have been fine tuned through road testing by professional and amateur riders to optimise operating force. Being able to feel the exact instant when they shift with the rear or front derailleur is crucial for a rider. With this technology, Campagnolo has achieved the perfect "click feeling", which also prevents unintentional shifts.


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