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Chorus Skeleton Dual Pivot Brake Set
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Chorus Skeleton Dual Pivot Brake Set
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  • Descripción

    Campagnolo Chorus Skeleton Dual Pivot Brake Set

    The compounds used yield superior braking performance and the lightened pad holders make pad replacement fast and easy.
    But that's not all. Campagnolo® offers two options: alongside the classic front/rear brake differentiation for maximum lightness and braking modulation, there is also a dual pivot option available for the rear brake, for even more decisive and powerful braking. The choice is yours!

    The Campagnolo Chorus drivetrain represents the perfect solution for the sophisticated cyclist searching for Super Record performance at a more competitive price. Fitting a Campagnolo® drivetrain to their bike has always been the ambition of many keen cyclists. Introduction of the new mechanical groupsets and the resulting incredible technical-performance and aesthetic innovation only serve to increase this desire. The new Chorus groupset is the optimum choice for those wanting the best results that a mechanical groupset can offer, combined with appeal and Italian design at the best price possible.


    • EXCLUSIVE BRAKE PAD COUPLING/UNCOUPLING SYSTEM fast and secure brake pad replacement
    • SPECIAL COMPOUND reduction of braking distance in both dry and wet conditions - longer brake pad and braking track life - Maximum silence
    • SKELETON BRAKE ARMS no-bend arms, modularity, reduced weight
    • FRONT/REAR DIFFERENTIATED BRAKING lighter rear brake - greater braking power modulation
    • LIGHTER PAD HOLDERS reduced weight
    • DUAL PIVOT FRONT/REAR VERSION the brake allows an enhanced braking action

    Product features

    • Use: Road
    • Group: Chorus
    • Brake type: Skeleton
    • System: Dual Pivot (front/rear)
    • Brake-pad height adjustment ratio: 40÷50 mm (measured from brake fixing-bolt to brake-shoe-nut)
    • Brake pads orbital: Adjustment
    • Brake shoe: Campagnolo standard


    • Aluminum


    • black


    • 302g (pair)

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 Chorus Skeleton Dual Pivot Brake Set


    Greater rigidity combined with even lower weight was the goal targeted by our Campy Tech Lab™ engineers when designing Skeleton™ brakes. A combination that enriches virtually every groupset, from Athena™ to Super Record™. Thanks to its double-fulcrum architecture, the front brake is able to grip the rim with around 70% of the total braking force; the rear brake, which only has a single fulcrum, stops the rear wheel from swerving - due to the lightening of the rear - thanks to the application of a force that is lower than at the front. The single pin structure also makes it possible to save a few grams compared with the double-fulcrum one. The analogy is obvious: think of the ABS on cars which prevents wheel locking when braking and think of all the safety this has provided. Differentiated Campagnolo® braking aims to give you the same safety on your bike. One of the key principles behind the design of every component is the discriminating choice of material. After considering the complexity of the stress map brake bodies are subject to, we established that the best material for making them remains aluminium alloy. Our Campy Tech Lab™ engineers have applied a basic tectonics concept to Skeleton™ brakes, one that substantially lays down two roads to follow: the use of the smallest quantity of material possible and the location of this material at the maximum distance with regard to the neutral bending axis of the section considered. By doing so, we optimize the component's weight-rigidity relationship and obtain a weight reduction. And this is all done while actually improving the traditional reliability of Campagnolo® braking. Following professional cyclists means meeting all their needs. This is why Campagnolo® has designed two brake options for Super Record™, Record™, Chorus™ and Athena™ brakes. An extra pivot has been added to the standard single pivot rear version for those who want an immediate and decisive brake response. Braking power results from both our Skeleton design and the new brake shoe combination. The shoe holder allows for better regulation and helps to improve the friction surface.

    Mono & Dual Pivot Braking System

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