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Busch + Müller
IX-Back senso
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Busch + Müller
IX-Back senso
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  • Descripción

    Busch + Müller IX-Back senso Luces traseras

    Busch & Mueller is proud to present a new safety dimension for cyclists in the dark: the innovative LineTec technology.

    This revolutionary feature is the core of IXBACK senso, the new battery operated diode rear light consisting of two parts: a crystal clear Light Box and a casing that holds the box and is mounted onto the bicycle. The Light Box houses a patented lens system that spreads out the light from a single LED to become a homogenous and brilliant strip of red light. Instead of a lonely speck of light in the non dimensional darkness that makes it all but impossible for following traffic to estimate the distance to the cyclist, an approaching car driver now sees IXBACK senso's bright and continuous strip of light. This spatial relation grants the driver a tremendously improved perception of the distance between his car and the bicycle. However, there is more to IXBACK senso than that: both the left and right side of the Light Box shine as well. If one circles around the bike, light is visible seamlessly from all possible viewing angles.

    A lateral push button allows effortless switching between the operational modes 'On', ' Off' and 'Senso'. An LED status display shows which mode is selected at any time. The integrated and silent light/dark and motion sensors automatically activate the Light Box as soon as one moves the bicycle during or after dusk. Naturally, IXBACK senso is also characterised by Busch & Mueller's user friendliness. Four minutes after the bike stops, the automatic standlight deactivates.


    • Light Box with red LED, black casing 


    • push button for selecting operational modes 'On', 'Off', 'Senso' 
    • compact design: 54x42x29 mm (casing and Light Box without mounting bracket) 
    • weighs only 50 g (including batteries) 
    • authorised by German road traffic licensing regulations 


    • ideal safety and visibility thanks to integrated, innovative LineTec technology 
    • Light Box and casing can be mounted to be removed or alternatively theft proof 


    • with light/dark and motion activation automatic ("senso") 
    • optionally, removable, easily stowed away Light Box insert 
    • two high output round cells included in delivery
    No flashing mode: The lamp meets the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) and has no flashing mode.
    incl. holding bracket, 2 batteries LR1 (1.5 V), 1 stainless steel band, 1 metal fixing plate, 1 rubber strip, 2 adhesive pads, 2 rubber bands, 2 cable straps, 1 short special screw, black, 1 long special screw, unpainted, 1 key for special screws (T20)

  • Evaluaciones
    Does not come with rechargeable batteries, which is a bit of shock for a relatively expensive rear light.
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