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zegho amplify - Sun Glasses
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zegho amplify - Sun Glasses
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  • Descripción

    ASSOS zegho amplify - Sun Glasses

    These futuristic sunglasses with revolutionary Tunnel Vision lens technology allow you to confidently continue cycling in changing light conditions and even in low light. The outstanding fit with light, flexible temples guarantees a firm fit. The glasses offer you full protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation.

    High performance glasses with revolutionary lens technology: the Zegho Amplify Eyewear from ASSOS

    The Zegho Amplify Eyewear was produced as part of an exclusive joint project between ASSOS and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens. The polyamide lens used is flexible and durable. Thanks to ASSOS' AEPD ClickFace construction, it curves and adapts perfectly to your face for maximum protection of the eye area. The yellow-tinted G2016 lenses ensure extremely high contrast vision. These glasses are industry-leading in terms of weight with only 27.5 g.

    The Rei-Pel coating from Carl Zeiss prevents smearing and static electricity and is resistant to water, oil and chemicals. The flexible clickFace nose piece sticks to the skin even when you sweat. A light spectacle band is included with each model, thanks to which the glasses with their unmistakable black and white striped temples fit perfectly on the head at all times, even when walking.

    Features - Zegho Amplify Eyewear

    • Produced jointly by ASSOS and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens
    • Futuristic design
    • 100% UV protection
    • Weight: 27,5 g
    • Carl Zeiss Vision: TV Tunnel View glass technology, specially produced for zegho
    • 180 VF: 180 degree field of view. Makes you feel like you can see all around
    • ASSOS zOd.Tec: No optical dispersion, certified optical glass
    • RI.PEL: Water-repellent, self-cleaning glass technology
    • Revolutionary Tunnel Vision lens technology
    • Yellow tinted, flexible and durable polyamide G2016 lenses
    • ClickFace: Adaptable skinTouch material ensures a stable fit, minimizes slipping due to sweating or uneven terrain
    • ZeroPressure: Ultra-flexible frame. Designed to form the perfect radius of motion
    • Including light glasses strap


    Tunnel Vision
    Tunnel Vision is an ASSOS innovation produced by Carl Zeiss Vision. With Tunnel Vision, the lower third of the lenses is clear while the upper two thirds of the lenses gradually get darker. This allows you to enter a tunnel or shaded area without feeling like you are suddenly in the dark. A minimal elevation of the head is everything you need to bring back a clear view. This allows you to keep your glasses in front of your eyes – and your hands firmly on the steering wheel.

  • Evaluaciones
    These glasses are simply superb. The clarity of vision is outstanding & gives incredible confidence when descending at speed & for this, they are worth the cost alone.
    Ich habe lange gesucht um eine Fahrradbrille zu finden die meinen Ansprüchen genügt. Hier bleiben selbst bei mir keine Wünsche mehr offen. 5 Sterne von mir.
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