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LS.skinFoil _winter_s7 - Functional Undershirt
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LS.skinFoil _winter_s7 - Functional Undershirt
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  • Descripción

    Assos LS.skinFoil _winter_s7 - Functional Undershirt

    With its insulating and comfortable properties, this ASSOS skinFoil Baselayer has been developed as an essential element in winter biking. The breathable, long-sleeved undershirt benefits from the advantages of a specific blend of moisture-wicking yarn in winter.

    Impresses on the coldest rides of the year: the LS skinFoil winter evo7 from ASSOS

    With its seamless construction and non-restrictive fit, this baselayer epitomizes ASSOS' dedication to designing racing apparel. Bypassing the conventional approach, this undershirt was spun on tubular machines for greater comfort and better performance.

    Fabric specialists developed the meticulously constructed blend of yarns and strategically designed body compression of this undershirt. ASSOS' in-house test team also ensured that it reacts to your intensity of sweating and the subsequent cooling effect whatever the outside temperature.

    Features - LS skinFoil winter evo7

    • Winter construction: Reduced volume and meticulously calibrated insulating effect
    • Seamless tubular knitting technology
    • Polypropylene fiber blend
    • Zip-free neck construction
    • Collection: Body Insulators → ASSOS Unisex
    • Temperature Range: Winter
    • ASSOS Clima Range: bonKa < 6 °C
    • Fit: Slim Fit (ASSOS regularFit)


    AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design)
    Stand for the company's know-how, experience and philosophy on how a garment should be tailored to function in the cyclist's position. ASSOS garments are designed to perfectly fit and adhere to the body, in other words, to respect the anatomy of the cycling body. High-tech fabrics are pointless if cut "wrong"!

    ALS (ASSOS Layering System)
    Less is more. The entire ASSOS collection is conceptualized around this technology. ASSOS apparel is engineered with minimum volume, taking advantage of the body's natural heating/cooling capacities by insulating intelligently through pro-active layering. Both fabrics and garments have chain functions and are cut to complement each other. Everything fits like a puzzle; technically as well as aesthetically. It is up to each cyclist to follow the climate range guidelines and to experiment with the different ASSOS garments in order to find the perfect personal outfit for each specific riding season.

    A body mapped performance fit that is a little less aggressive than ASSOS' racingFit. The best of both worlds, wearability and speed converging. A balance between the more compressive racingFit and the looser comfortFit.

  • Detalles


    72% Polyamide, 24% Polypropylene, 4% Elastan
  • Especificaciones


    Fabricante: ASSOS
    Hombre/mujer/unisex Unisex
    Corte: Slim Fit
    Utilización: Bike
    Lavabilidad: 30°C
    Rango de temperatura: bonKa - Winter < 6 °C
    Color: blockBlack
  • Evaluaciones
    Хорошая термо майка. Влагу отводит от тела замечательно, хоть на ощупь хоть выжимай - тело практически сухое. Не надо ждать от нее, что будет тепло - тепло только когда ты тренируешься. а так - легкий холодок по телу. При одевании - очень плотно. Сначала кажется что маленький размер, но когда натянешь - чувствуется хорошая и качественная вещь и про нее забываешь - точно как вторая кожа! Я брал размер L-XL. Мой рост 182. Грудь 109см. талия 96см. Вес - около 90кг. Рекомендую!
    Good termomayka. Moisture from the body removes fine, though the touch even squeeze - the body is almost dry. Do not expect her to be warm - heat only when you train. And so - a slight chill in the body. When dressing - very tight. At first it seems that the small size, but when natyanesh - felt good and qualitative thing and forget about it - just like a second skin! I took size L-XL. My height 182 chest 109sm. waist 96cm. Weight - about 90kg. I recommend!
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