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LL.milleTights_S7 - Bib Tight with Pad
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LL.milleTights_S7 - Bib Tight with Pad
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  • Descripción

    ASSOS LL.milleTights_S7 - Bib Tight with Pad

    Bib shorts that protect you perfectly even on the coldest days, equipped with many intelligent technologies and S7 seat pads. The fit is comfortable and the compression characteristics of the tights are adjusted so that you can wear the trousers on short, intensive sessions as well as on longer tours.

    Bib Tights with outstanding thermal insulation: the LL.bonkaTightsMille_S7 from ASSOS

    When fresh becomes frosty, these bib shorts offer you outstanding thermal insulation. They're made of fast-drying, durable RX Heavy fabric with a water-repellent coating from ASSOS. At the front of the legs there is a double layer of fabric to withstand bad weather, while behind the knees a lighter material is used for more freedom of movement.

    It comes in the generous comfortFit fit and is equipped with the Y7 Frame Carrier bibTech carrier system. That means the wide, elastic straps exert minimal pressure on your shoulders. As soon as you get faster or approach the finish line, the bibStabilizer makes sure that the straps do not slip. Thanks to the light, breathable and friction-free mille_S7 pad and reflective panels on the lower legs, the LL.bonkaTightsMille_S7 (used to be LL.milleTights_S7) are perfect for bad light and cold weather.

    Features - LL.bonkaTightsMille_S7

    • Water-repellent, very warm and soft RX heavy textile
    • Two layers of RX heavy material in the entire front area provide more warmth
    • Complex, seamless construction and thinner RX material on the back of the leg for perfect comfort even at high cadence
    • RX Light inserts: This light, breathable fabric was used for even more freedom of movement behind the knees
    • Durable Water Repellent (DWR): A hydrophobic treatment through which water simply beads off
    • Reflective stripes: Two reflective stripes on the lower back of the tights increase your visibility in low light conditions
    • No ankle straps: A non-stick elastic waistband keeps your pants from slipping
    • SuperFlat leg cuffs: Particularly small leg ends with optimum rebound force prevent the trousers from slipping without exerting excessive pressure
    • Y7 Frame Carrier bibTech bibTech: This redesigned bibTech bib system exerts less pressure on the shoulders thanks to a wider elastic band, which reduces friction and provides more comfort
    • Lower leg design: The "cone design" nestles against the lower leg and reduces the frictional resistance for even more wearing comfort
    • BibStabilizer: A stabilizing horizontal insert that ensures that the straps lie flat and do not wrinkle
    • Seat pad: mille_S7
      • 8 mm memory foam
      • ASSOS waffle
      • ASSOS goldenGate
    • Temperature Range: Winter
    • ASSOS Clima Range: bonKa < 6 °C
    • Fit: Slim Fit (ASSOS comfortFit)


    A chamois pad offering a deft balance of performance and comfort with 8mm of memory foam, which features a memory effect so that the pad adapts to the contours of the body and saddle as soon as pressure is released. The ASSOS waffle was introduced on the S5 and has been further perfected for S7. Instead of using monolithic linear foam as the middle layer, S7 is equipped with a perforated foam resulting in a reduction of weight and increased breathability. In addition the pad features ASSOS goldenGate: A patented technology which augments the performance of the insert by allowing the most fluent movement with the body. Before _s7, all cycling shorts inserts have been fastened (sewn or glued) to shorts all the way around. goldenGate interrupts the sewing in the area between the legs, creating 3 dimensional freedom of movement right in the most sensitive area. No seams, hence reduced friction – basically non existing.

    While still a tight fit, the overall cut is slightly looser than the regularFit. In case of bib tights for example, this means that a wider fit especially in the abdominal area has been chosen.

    AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design)
    Stand for the company's know-how, experience and philosophy on how a garment should be tailored to function in the cyclist's position. ASSOS garments are designed to perfectly fit and adhere to the body, in other words, to respect the anatomy of the cycling body. High-tech fabrics are pointless if cut "wrong"!

    ALS (ASSOS Layering System)
    Less is more. The entire ASSOS collection is conceptualized around this technology. ASSOS apparel is engineered with minimum volume, taking advantage of the body's natural heating/cooling capacities by insulating intelligently through pro-active layering. Both fabrics and garments have chain functions and are cut to complement each other. Everything fits like a puzzle; technically as well as aesthetically. It is up to each cyclist to follow the climate range guidelines and to experiment with the different ASSOS garments in order to find the perfect personal outfit for each specific riding season.

    Video LL.bonkaTightsMille_S7

  • Detalles


    80% Polyamide, 15% Elastane, 5% Polyester
  • Especificaciones


    Fabricante: ASSOS
    Hombre/mujer/unisex Men
    Corte: Slim Fit
    Utilización: Road Bike
    Con tirantes:
    Badana: mille_S7
    Lavabilidad: 30°C
    Protección viento:
    Repelente al agua:
    Aislamiento térmico:
    Rango de temperatura: bonKa - Winter < 6 °C
    Color: blockBlack
  • Evaluaciones
    Das Beste, was es an Radhose gibt. Polster, Passform und Funktion, alles top.
    Bin 182. Grösse L ist ganz knapp noch passend.
    eigentlich bin ich enttäuscht. Das Polster ist weit schlechter als beispielsweise bei meinen kurzen Radhosen (T FI.Mille S5). Aber die größte Enttäuschung erlebt man bei Temperaturen unter dem Gefrierpunkt - da wird es nämlich kalt an den Oberschenkeln und im Schritt. Bei einer Hose die als Winterhose beworben wird erwarte ich mehr. Erst wenn ich meinen langen Windstopper drüberziehe, kann ich bis (wie heute Morgen) -15° fahren. Aber dann wirds schon recht eng an den Beinen. Assos täte gut daran, auch diese Hose mit Windstopper-Material an den Knien, Oberschenkeln und im Schritt auszustatten.
    Assos zeigts mal wieder dass sie es sowohl bei Funktionalität als auch Design richtig drauf haben! Sehr belastbares Material (fahre an die 10.000 km pro Jahr)
    Wahnsinnig gute Hose! Ersetzt meine in die Jahre gekommene Uno S5. Wie von Assos gewohnt, perfekte Verarbeitung und über jeden Zweifel erhabene Funktion. Für so eine Qualität bezahle ich dann auch gerne etwas mehr.
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