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Twist Three 2.0 VL white
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Twist Three 2.0 VL white
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  • Descripción

    Alpina Twist Three 2.0 VL white

    Optimists take one pair of glasses with them on a cycling tour and every time the weather or visibility changes they are stumped; pessimists take three with them: for good weather, mixed weather and for rain. Realists choose an ALPINA with Variofl ex lenses. Namely, their tint adapts automatically to the brightness of the envi ronment by a whole protection class.
    Very light and dynamic sports goggles with self tinting VARIOFLEX glasses.

    Features - Twist Three 2.0 VL

    Frame: White
    Lens: VARIOFLEX Black S2-3


    Windtunnel Design
    Controlled air-flow design provides protection against fogging of the lenses, hence improving visibility. Highly curved lenses shaped around the face. This affords better eye protection from drafts and the cold and improves visibility.

    2Comp Design
    The combination of a hard frame, soft forehead rest and nose pad improves the comfort and fit of the glasses.

    Adaptable Nosepad
    Cold moldable nosepads provide precise adjustment to fi t any width and shape of nose.

    Adjustable inclination
    Articulated side pieces for adjustment of the angle of inclination optimize the fi t of the glasses: The glasses can be tilted towards the forehead to stop drafts. Or they can be tilted away from the forehead for better ventilation and freedom from fogging.

  • Evaluaciones
    Ist ok. Nasenpad ist leider hart und drückt etwas
    Excellent! The lenses are fantastic! Would be better if they were a bit wider, though (the lens is quite small)...
    Eine super tolle Brille. Bei dieser Brille vergisst man schnell das man sie noch auf hat. Der Tragekomfort ist einfach genial.
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