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Elexxion XC - Bike Helmet
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Elexxion XC - Bike Helmet
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    Alpina Elexxion XC - Bike Helmet

    We don't want to brag but... Well, actually we do. This showpiece is loaded with intricate technical features and crafted with heartblood. It's also the darling of the MERIDA MULTIVAN BIKING TEAM.
    ELEXXION CX – A helmet that boasts superlative features: super-safe, super-vented, super-beautiful – ELEXXION XC: Equipped with the full range of new Alpina technologies plus a shield and removable bug screen. The head band is adjustable in height in three steps.

    Antibacterial Interior

    The padding is designed to prevent the development of bacteria and odour caused by sweat. The helmet pads have been dermatologically tested and proved to have excellent skin compatibility. They can be quickly removed and washed at a maximum temperature of 40° C.


    Here, the EPS layer consists of two separate polystyrene layers of varying thickness which are securely bonded together. The interlocking construction of these two layers (the Conehead construction) ensures maximum shock absorption and optimisation of the helmet‘s weight and stability.

    Run System Ergo Pro

    The top-of-the-range model of ALPINA’s new adjustment systems for the rear of the head features two large “head rests” to the left and right of a newly-designed adjustment wheel. These two wing-shaped pads and the adjustment wheel are made of twin-component mix of plastic and rubber. Since 2014, Run System Ergo Pro has been available in colours to match the helmet.

    Rib Frame

    A cage-like structure which extends across the edges of the EPS framework. It gives the helmet greater stability and makes it harder for the EPS to break in case of an impact. With this reinforcement in place the helmet can be designed with openings for ventilation with no loss of stability.


    This impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell is fitted to all Alpina helmets manufactured using the Inmold procedure. The blank workpieces are shaped at high temperature onto the form of the helmet design and the shells are then pressed onto the helmet‘s Hi-EPS body. The material combines a number of distinct advantages: it is impact- and scratch-resistant, it contains UV stabilisers and is anti-static.

    A-B-C System

    The first-ever active air-flow system, for efficient temperature control. Cool air is actively drawn into vents which are optimally arranged in the specially shaped outer shell of the helmet. It passes across the head and is directed out at the back as warm air.

    Shield Protect

    Bug Net

    The front ventilation holes have a mesh lining which effectively works as an insect screen to protect the wearer’s head from insect bites when riding in hot or humid conditions.
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    Fabricante: Alpina
    Hombre/mujer/unisex Unisex
    Utilización: Rennrad
    Color: red-white
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