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Cierre plegable Bordo 6000/90 blanco
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Cierre plegable Bordo 6000/90 blanco
54,95 €
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  • Descripción

    Abus Cierre plegable Bordo 6000/90 blanco

    With the BORDO, ABUS has revolutionised Bicycle locks and created a new kind: The foldable lock. The locks of the Bordo-family offer characteristics, that weren't possible with any of the other kind of locks: flexibility with a light weight in a compact format.

    BORDO. THE DESIGN. Form follows function. This is the principle the ABUS designers followed in the development process of the Bordo. They succeeded in bridging the gap between the high security demands and a compact, clean design.

    BORDO. THE TECHNIQUE. Such a highly efficient lock as Bordo is the result of intensive research and development. The perfect interaction of many small innovative elements enables the unmistakable ABUS quality. From the first idea to the finished product, the development process always follows the principle "Security needs Quality". In spite of its small size, Bordo offers different innovations:

    • lock body made of special hardened steel
    • highly resistant hardened steel links
    • highly resistant rivet connection between the links
    • links produced in hybrid technology and coated with shockproof synthetic material (protection against damage to the bicycle's frame)
    • individually settable code, easy to use, thanks to the high-quality digits imprinting (only Combo model)
    • cathodic coating offers ideal protection against corrosion
    • non-slipping fixing on the bicycle frame through patented slat technology (upright position effect)
  • Evaluaciones
    Good price (€ 20 cheaper than local price), fast DPD delivery, item quality exactly as I expected - ABUS is a well known good quality lock brand. I took 90cm length lock because it is enough to secure frame and back wheel to bike parking holder or other not very thick object. 120cm weigh another 500 gr and anyway would not be enough to secure both wheels to something. However 90cm may not be enough if you will have secure bike to trees or thick lamp posts. Just think before choosing length where you will have to secure your bike.
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